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Last Day

Tonight was the last day of class. I have never seen my students work so diligently. After a short intro, we went across the hall so the students could get their final projects done and then hastily put together something that resembles a previous project that they hadn't turned in yet.
Like I said earlier, the people left are the ones who actually try and want to do well while learn how to use this editing program to further their careers. Well, nearly everyone.
Our friend who had issues with "Caucasian" made an appearance for the first time since her outbursts. I saw this and thought of the great joy I was going to experience for the next three and a half hours.
I also took a look at her grade. After all my figuring, there was no way she was going to pass this class. Even if she got 100% on the final two projects, she would get a failing grade. Unless she had worked her ass off in the past few weeks making all of these projects that I had assigned and was willing to take partial credit, there was no way she was going to pass.
I pulled her aside at the beginning of class and mentioned to her that I hadn't received ANY assignments from her. She told me that she did them and just didn't show me. (I then had a flashback to her involvement in the class and unless my assignments were text messaging and leaving class early, I didn't think that she had done any assignments.) I encouraged her to do so or she wouldn't pass the class. I knew she just lied to me, but I was slightly interested to see how she would try to pull this off.
Shortly into the class session, students began calling me over to their computers to evaluate their work. I was running back and forth across the room listening and grading. She had convinced a student next to her to assist her with her project. Of course I noticed this. I'm not an idiot. Despite my running around the room, I was able to see this assistance. The point of the project is for the students to master the program. Not master manipulation, seduction and flirting.
She then became very upset that I wouldn't evaluate her material first. She had difficulty waiting her turn. I realized that she was just wasting time. She was wasting her time, my time and the time of her fellow students. Her new interest in passing the class came 15 weeks too late. Had she been dedicated like those who shared the room with her, perhaps I would have done a bit more with her.
She showed me the assignment she got the assist from. Then she put together some awful attempts at commercials and other assignments that she had failed to do in the ample time that was given to her. I don't know if she thought that I wouldn't notice or just assumed that I was on the same intelligence level with her and would think that these projects were done when they were assigned.
At the end of class I was wishing the dedicated students the best of luck and a great deal of success. I let them know that I looked forward to seeing them again in the Fall. She was asking if she could stay after to continue working. I let her know that the bell has rung and I would no longer be accepting any work. I'm assuming she realized that instead of staying late this week, perhaps she shouldn't have left early the previous weeks. Or, hell, showed up to class more.
The unfortunate thing is that because I was listening to so many projects, I didn't get to wish well some of those who I wanted to. What these students will never know is that I learned A GREAT DEAL from them. I will be revamping my class for next semester and buffing it up greatly. I now have better time-frames for projects and know how to space out assignments and quizzes better.
Now I have to put all my grades into my spread sheet and head back into the school to turn in my final papers of the semester. Then I may find out about the summer intensive that I have been selected to run.


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