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Yesterday I went to the store to get some milk. Each time I do this, I end up getting more than I went in for. However, yesterday marked a very important annual purchase - the Summer's BBQ Sauce supply.
This year, I'm trying my friend's recommendation - "Budweiser BBQ Sauce." (I got regular and Beechwood) I tried some at his place and was impressed, despite the fact that it was awful Budweiser. Perhaps it is actually good for something other than a headache the day after you drink it.
I am also trying a brand I have never tried before known as "Culinary Circle." They make an "All Natural Red Cream Ale Barbeque Sauce." I purchased this and brought it home and then realized that not only is my fridge stocked with beer, but so is my BBQ Sauce. I don't think I have a drinking problem, just a diversification problem.
I also picked up a marinade from "Culinary Circle." It is their Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Marinade and Cooking Sauce. I have high expectations for it.
Don't let me down, CC! So, when I have you over for BBQ this summer, you know what you are getting into. Now all I need is something better than a Foreman!

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