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MNF - What A Waste

So, I love football. Anyone that knows me, knows this. So, I enjoy Monday Night Football specials. At the Effingham T.G.I.Friday's (yes, we're big enough to have a Friday's!) they have free wings and chilli during the game. Always a good time. $1.75 Coors also helps. Even though I don't care much for Coors, it puts out the burning of the tongue.
So, another bar in town, Sneaky Pete's, also has the same special, but the difference is 50 cent drafts of any domestic beer. Better option, right? Wrong. Some jack-ass wanted to play the juke box. Obviously not a football fan, and probably confused about his orientation. Instead of Al and John commentating the game we heard everything from Metallica to Madonna. (See what I mean about being confused?!) Then his selections finally ended halfway through the second quarter of the Colts/Patriots game. (The COLTS/PATRIOTS game! What a game it would have been, if I could have heard it!)
What happens next? The bartender finally turn the audio on for the people that came there with the sole intention of watching the game? Nope. Silence. And before I could get to her, a gorgeous blonde puts her money in to have her selections played. What the hell?!
Needless to say, I'm done with that place. I left during the third quarter. I was done with battling the juke-box-dumbasses. Back to Friday's for me. That extra $1.25 is worth it.
Bastards. All of 'em.


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