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Body Language

Just thinking recently about the complexities of body language. Do you realize that majority of what is expressed to others comes not from our words, but in how we convey ourselves?
Here are a few tricks to use. Want to see if someone is interested in what you're talking about? Look at their feet. If all ten toes are pointed towards you, they are absorbing all that you have to say. If one foot is towards you, then only somewhat. Also you can pay attention to their shoulders. If they are square with yours, again, they are paying attention to you. The more that they are off center, the less they are listening. Imagine how awkward it would be to have a conversation with someone who has one shoulder pointed towards you and all ten toes away from you.
Also, guys... or girls, I guess... if you want to see if someone at the bar is interested, here's a simple test. Catch her/his glance from across the bar and then check your watch. If they do the same, they are interested. If they don't, you'll have to work harder.
In a job interview? Talking with your boss? Pay attention to how long they maintain eye contact when they talk with you. Do they hold it shorter than you would? Longer? When you talk, do the same. Subconsciously they will feel more at ease.
Always walk with your back straight. Not stiff as a board, be a little relaxed, but keep your back straight. This will show confidence as well as take pressure off of your stomach. So, your abs will be straighter and you'll have more of a command over a room.

Give 'em a shot. You'll see that I'll never steer you wrong. Unless it's for a good practical joke.


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