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Saturday Nite

Saturday was a good day... To a point. Let's see here... I invited a good friend Joelle and her bf and single cousin to a Halloween party being thrown by Rick. I invited two single girls from the city. My friend's girlfriend's friend was also single. So, there were many new people to meet this weekend. And I enjoyed myself. I also enjoyed the other guys at the party falling all over themselves to see who could give them the most attention. Quite interesting to stand back and watch the male-female interactions in social situations like this.
I also met up with several people that I only get to see a few times a year. Some only at weddings (like the one the week before) or reunions of some type.
Everyone came out of the evening ok, except for a few. The man who played Jim Morrison (which will remain nameless) didn't leave the house because he couldn't even keep a Silo cup in his hand at the end of the evening.
And a girl hurt her hand at the event, so I had to take her to the hospital at 5am. Due to the time change, it felt like 6am. Plus, the Bears were taking the field the next day, had to be sure that I got back on time.
I was in bed by 5:30, and awake for the Bears by 11. Slept through a bit of the third quarter, but caught Tillman's last minute interception for a touchdown in OT to win the game.
It turned out to be a good weekend... For me, at least!


  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger Joelle said…

    Too funny. I remember Jim Morrison from that party. Ha! Sorry to hear you had to make a trip to the hospital, what a buzz kill. Hopefully, all is well with her hand. Thanks for the mention in your post, now I'm famous!!!


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