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Another day

Well, we all got another day. One day we won't. I'm happy for mine.
Got some stuff to do here at work that needs to be done, so progress will be made. I have worked out some plans for what's going to happen next. I've answered all my e-mails. And even IMed a few folks.
I'm giving a talk for The Happening soon and I've begun asking people to be there who might not have been there anyway. I figure if they are involved at all in the topic I'm discussing, they should probably be there, right? Only fair. Haven't contacted everyone yet. Some people were unavailable when I got a hold of them. Others I haven't called.
Making a list right now. My 6 month review in Effingham is coming up soon. It seems like much longer than 6 months, but as of the 9th of this month, that will mark my 6 months here. So much has happened since then. But, I'm making a list of all the things that I do here, and the extra stuff I didn't sign on for that I'm handling because we are now short staffed. And I'm writing down my demands. We'll see how they handle it.
I realized that I'm almost to the point of being ok with quitting and moving back up to Chicago with no real job prospects. I can have faith that something will come through. But, that is only an option if they piss me off enough down here. Or if they drag their feet with my demands. We'll see what kind of compromise we come to on the 9th.
Now, obviously I'm playing things cool and not going to be a loose cannon. That's just stupid and doesn't accomplish anything. It is like stress and drama. They serve no purpose in life. They do nothing but hinder development. I deal with both, then push them out of my life and move on. I'm too busy to be stressed or deal with drama. That is the one aspect of DuPage that I don't miss - all the stupid drama. Drama in The Happening, between friends, between boyfriends and girlfriends, between former boyfriends and girlfriends. Wow, is it good to be in Effingham sometimes. Now, some of the drama is understandable. Most of it is not. But, I won't go into that in such a public forum.
Also, I've been seeing multiple girls. I don't mean to brag about this, but I find it a strange change of pace. Granted, a welcome one, but still strange. A year ago, things were not like this. To those who knew me before now, have you noticed a change? Let me know. It is more out of curiosity than anything else that I ask this.
I forgot to tell you, when I was driving home on Friday, I saw something interesting. I saw not one, but two shooting stars. I talked to my sister, the astronomer, about it and she was unaware of any meteor shower or anything that would cause this. It was just a fluke of some sort. I couldn't believe it. And it wasn't two chuncks of the same one, they were spaced apart by at least a half hour. I just find this ironic that this occurs shortly after my most recent decision. I spent a part of the summer wishing on stars and just recently I realized how pointless that is. It is much better to grab 'em. So, I feel this is God's way of bringing a few of them closer to me to grab. Or it could be accelerated chuncks of rock burning up in our atmosphere as they plummet to Earth. But, I like my explanation better.
Oh, and recently I lost a good friend. Not to death or anything. He did something stupid and I called him on it, and now he says he doesn't want to talk with me anymore. I, again, am not going to go into details, but that is a new element to my life as well. We used to talk via text message, IM or phone multiple times a day. Now nothing. Kind of strange, but that was his decision.
You'll notice that this posting has no pictures. I've contacted customer support at in order to have the situation looked at. For some reason I am unable to post 'em. They sent me back a form-letter e-mail on how to post pictures. Thanks. If you actually looked at my blog, you'd see that I've already cracked that little riddle. So, no pictures until I can figure out how to get things up and rollin' again.
Oh well, guess I had better get back to work. I've rambled enough. Good luck with everything, friends. And I'll talk with you later.


  • At 8:23 PM, Blogger Billy D. said…


    Definately don't just up and leave for Chicago without a job lined up. Faith might move mountains ... but if you just off one, God won't appear out of nowhere to catch you most of the time.

    Hope is not a strategy ...


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