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We're Makin' Up

Just wanted to comment on all the friends around me getting back together. Congrats! Things seem to be progressing nicely for all those involved and that they are on the right track. But, then, that's just my opinion, and that doesn't matter much in this situation! It's great to hear that you are putting behind you your past and are willing to work through the things that might have caused you to part ways in the first place in order to get back to the joy and love that you once experienced. When something that good happened between you two, when something that was blessed by the hand of God occurred, the only logical choice is to do what you can to see if you can go back on His path once again. Provided, that is what the case was/is. With each day we grow and develop. And apart you did this as individuals. Perhaps now a more perfect union can be made after this development and "finding of yourselves." I just want to extend my congrats to you all. And don't forget that you always have a friend in me, friends.

There's a rumor goin' round that it looks like splittsville between us
But all of that talk's just talk, so don't you believe it
Cause I got a call from my baby and she was all, "guess what?"
We're makin' up
Our on again off again is on again
We're makin' up
She really wants to make it work I'm still so in love with her
Forget about everything you heard
We're makin' up

From: Hot Apple Pie's "We're Makin' Up"


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