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Office War

So, a mini-office war has been started in the offices of WCRC FM in Effingham. And I started it because I was bored. (Don't tell my supervisors this or they will have me do extra work. I'll be cleaning the windows or something!)
So, there is a guy named "Chip" who works with us in the sales department. Very nice older guy. His desk is always very neat. Each element of his desk is perpendicular or parallel to the edges of the desk. (Depending on how you look at it.) So, just to mess with him, I made everything off-center. Nothing huge or destructive, just made everything off-center. He came in today and found it and began scratching his head. Well, it was made known to him who it was who moved his stuff. So, he retaliated.
On my dry erase board was a cartoon hand giving me the bird with "Have a nice day" written next to it. Very funny. Nothing too bad. I was then told by our secretary, who was in on this, that I had a call on line one. I picked up my phone and found hand cream on the ear piece of my phone's receiver.
It's on.
I made no comment on either of these things and went about my day. Chip leaves early to go on sales calls and doesn't come back until the next day. As soon as I realized he was gone for the weekend, I went to work.
I took everything off of his desk and put it in some of the rubbermaid containers that we used to move the station in the weeks prior. I even pulled out all of his files and placed them in their own container. (I kept them in order, that would be mean if I mixed them all up!) I even unplugged his phone and boxed it up. His mail box was removed from the wall and placed in the totes as well. His area is bare. Except for his dry erase board which now reads "Happy Monday, Chipper!" And he's also getting the cartoon version of the double deuce.
I can't wait until Monday to see how he reacts to this. I am debating whether or not I'm going to wake up early to get his reaction and protect my stuff. Oh, and the secretary is going to get it this weekend too. For aiding his crime. The Christmas decorations have just been put away, but will be pulled out one more time this season as I use them ALL to decorate her desk.
Nothing destructive, but very festive... a few weeks late, but festive none-the-less!
Man, do I love my job.


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