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Vote Or Die... Or Not.

Election time is rapidly approaching and not a minute too soon. I am SO very sick of all the political ads that are running right now. I don't know what party Melissa Bean is running with or what she is running for, but according to the ads, she has done everything wrong in her past short of killing Christ.
The negativity in today's political ads are disgusting. If I ever ran for office, the first ad that I would run would be "The person who opposes me doesn't have favorable opinions on the issues that you care about. It is because of this that their ad campaign will be filled with no real meaning, but instead negativity and hatred. If you want to elect someone like this, be sure to vote for them. If you want someone who will discuss the issues, choose me."
I think that would be a great deal more effective than "Melissa Bean punts toddlers for fun."
I used to be a big advocate for voting. I was almost in Puffy's camp of "Vote or die." Instead, recently, I encourage some people to not vote. Not because of the electoral college debate or anything like that. (even though, that is a MAJOR issue with me) I would just like to see some people vote and others stay home on Tuesday. Mainly the dumb people. Because, we all know who the uneducated select on the ballot. More dumb people.
What? Did you think I was going to mention a particular political party?
Instead, I encourage everyone to be aware of who they are voting for and what their stance is on EVERYTHING. Learn from the highest person(s) on the ballot all the way down to the guy who is running for village idiot. (What party would he be a part of?)
There is a website going around called It is a great way to look up those running in your neck of the woods. It is a satirical site with a purpose. You can register to vote on the left of the page and look up your candidates on the right.
The site will let you know what position (if any) in politics that they hold right now and for how long they have held it. It will also give you a point-by-point look into what they stand for and what they don't.
Take a look at it. Play around with it. Learn from it.
If you are going to be going to the polls on Tuesday, I hope that you know what you are doing. More importantly, I hope that you vote for someone who knows what they are doing!


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