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"Legend"ary Dewy Juno Is A National Treasure

I probably should have wrote about this earlier, but I saw "I Am Legend," "National Treasure 2," "Dewy Cox" and "Juno" in the theaters. I was going to write a review to let you know if you should see it in the theater or not, but due to timing, it will be whether or not you should rent it.
"I Am Legend" and "National Treasure 2" are great movies, as long as you don't like huge gaping plot holes. If you think about either of these movies after you see them, your anger will grow. In National Treasure, in order to prove one of his ancestors wasn't involved in a plot to kill Lincoln, Nicholas Cage's character had to find a City of Gold. How these two are linked? They aren't and if you think about it too long, blood will start pouring from your nose.
The same thing with "I Am Legend." Will Smith is the last man on Earth and is running from these zombie-like charecters that fear sunlight and solid plot lines. There are so many aspects of that movie that are left out, not explained or just flat-out stupid that you will leave asking questions that begin with "What if..." "But, what about..." and "Why did I spend money on that?"
Dewy Cox had Jenna from The Office in it. Plus famed Chicago actor John C. Riely. Surely this will be good. Much like in "Good Luck Chuck" I kept telling myself, surely any minute the funny stuff will happen. Wait for it... wait for it... wait for-the credits? There wasn't anything redeeming about that? Jenna is awesome on The Office (Which returns to NBC on April 3rd) but, every movie choice that she has made has sucked more than Dwight using the tea pot to clear his sinuses.
Avoid all of these movies like a date who has a cold sore.
The only good one is "Juno." While there is some credit to the complaint that not a great deal is done with the suffering a mother may have after she gives the child up for adoption, I thought this film was great. It was real and humorous. If I'm not mistaken, the same people who wrote 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up had something to do with this one. It kind of has that feel, but isn't as funny. This is more of a well-crafted dramady.
I have heard one complaint recently about it, where they say that the main character's taste in music and way of talking is more mid-90's and that should have been the time period it was set in. While I can see a point here, I felt the timing was fine.
I would write a little about the movies that are currently out, but they all suck. Horton comes out tomorrow and Leatherheads on April 4th. More when I see those two. Maybe I'll take my God son to Horton. That would be a good day. Instead of wishing you farewell from the balcony, I shall do it from the armchair this time.


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