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Not All Are Celebrities - Get Them Out Of Here!

I just finished watching this week of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" on NBC. I am so very aggravated and my frustration comes primarily from Spencer and Heidi Pratt. I have heard of "The Hills," and after watching these two losers, I'm so glad that I have been able to avoid it.
Their irreverent behavior is fine for two spoiled brats. I expected them to act this way. I could have told you before the show that these two would be complete a-holes. Spencer saying that he was a bigger celebrity than the rest of the people they were stranded with was laughable and expected from someone with an IQ that rivals that of Paris Hilton. Their cause is not helped at all by the fact that his hair-conscious wife is not any brighter than him.
What aggravated me is that they had to bring Jesus into the mix. Heidi bothers The Lord with every little thing. "Lord, help me get through the jungle to our site." "Jesus, be with us to protect us from bugs." "Lord Jesus, help me with my split ends from this jungle humidity."
Someone needs to gag that girl. While she would pray, Spencer would be occupying himself by showing the others what an ass he was.
The two left and came back so many times that I thought they even rivaled Drew Peterson's fiance.
The first thing that ticked me off was that they asked Patti Blagojevich what happened with her husband. She rattled off the same B.S. that Rod had been shoveling on the New York talk shows about how he wanted great things for Illinois and the special interest groups did not. They are just a bunch of jerkfaces. When in reality the biggest accomplishment that Blago ever did for our state was put his name on all of the highways!
It was then that brain-dead Heidi did something that really got me upset. She held hands with Patti and asked Spencer to join them. They then prayed that "the truth" would be found. Little did they know, the truth was found - on the recorded phone calls. What they should have prayed for was that Patti didn't drop an F-Bomb during their live sessions.
Did it end there? Nope. Spencer then asked Steven "I'm not an ordained minister, but I play on on reality shows" Baldwin to baptise him.

I'm all for Jesus to be in the mainstream. However, it is idiots like these two that give Him a bad name.

NBC just ran an article quoting an NBC executive that says:

NBC Exec: Spencer & Heidi Pratt 'Are Everything That's Wrong With America'

I couldn't agree more!

I just wonder if I want Spencer, Heidi and Patti to have to suffer more and stay and potentially win or if I want them gone. Even local radio jack-ass Mancow has weighed in on Patti and wants her off on his site. I only hope water boarding is the next food challenge.

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