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Back Up North

Put in a demo at a radio station in Chicago that's looking. This came from an insider tip from a fellow radio warrior. He then let me know after I sent it that they are looking for a female voice. So, I wasted some of my time, apparently. THANKS! Oh well. Maybe they'll change their mind as soon as they hear how great I am. Or, perhaps they won't even hear my demo when they see that I'm a dude.
So, since Psycho left, I haven't been out with any chicks. Have talked to a few, but I just haven't had any desire to go out with anyone that I've met or talked to. No one has sparked my interest. I'm kind of sitting out and watching what walks by. If something interesting walks by, I'll get up. But, until then, I'm taking a break.
Except for Saturday. My friend Rick goes to Polish night clubs in the city to pick up chicks. (insert laughter here) But, after several attempts, has got someone. Maria or something is her name. Maybe Mary. Doesn't matter. He's gone out with her several times. And she has a friend. So, Rick, being the good friend that he is, talks me up. Um, probably too much. He has put me on a standard that I doubt that someone with the generosity of Ghandi, personality of Clinton and the sex appeal of Colin Farrel couldn't even live up to.
Anyway, I'm supposed to meet this blonde Polish chick on Saturday night. We'll see. Like I said, I'm sitting this round or two out. If she is interesting, I'll be receptive, otherwise, I'm gonna tell her to go hit on someone else at the bar.
So, I'm gonna be in town this weekend. If you want to meet up with me, get in contact with me. I don't have anything planned for tonight, but if you're up for something, let me know. And Sunday I will be watching the 9-3 Bears get their 10th victory of the season.
At least that's my plans for now. Oh, and sleeping in quite a bit. I can use that.
Work has been a pain in the ass recently. We are moving locations. Yup. Moving. Can you picture how a radio station moves? Neither can management, apparently. They are constantly asking if we are going to need computers and stuff to do our job. "Do you use the main computer that plays the songs on the radio, or can we move it today?" "YES, we need it. Get out of here. I'm on the air!"
So, stress levels are high here at work. And I think they will be even after this 2-3 week move is over. I gotta clean out my office and decide what stays and what goes. I hate this.
Oh, and I've been doing some cleaning at home. My second bedroom was, up until this week, used for storage. And, while it is still to some degree, it now has a second bed in it. One of the guys at work got a new bed and asked me if I wanted his old one. What the hell, I figured. So, when anyone comes to visit me, I have a queen sized bed without sheets in my spare bedroom.
I'll buy sheets when someone is going to stay the night. Until then, I'm not going to sweat it.
That's everything, I think...
I'll write again if I think of anything.


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