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Deuce Begins With A Crash

Rented two movies recently. I like renting them in pairs. A drama (of sorts) and a comedy. Somewhat the Yin & Yang of renting, I recommend it. Got Batman Begins and Deuce Bigalo European Gigalo.
First I watched Deuce. Not good. Not good at all. I enjoyed the first one. But, the second one lacked greatly. The only funny part is at the end. (If you are concerned about a spoiler, don't worry, this isn't. If you are concerned about a Deuce Bigalo European Gigalo spoiler, you need to give your priorities a once-over.) Norm MacDonald has a role in the film. Granted a small role, but a role, none-the-less. (Hell, it was bigger than any role I've ever had in a film, so back off) They had the "afterward" credits for each character. Deuce lives happily ever after. T.J.'s Business takes off. But, the only funny part of the movie was against Norm MacDonald's gruff Irish Man Whore image flashes on the screen "Norm MacDonald still wishes he had a sitcom."
Good stuff. Too bad the rest of my life was wasted for one sentence that actually made me laugh out loud.
Batman Begins, however, GREAT FILM! They do a good job of creating an involved and intriguing story about a character that everyone knows about. (And after Batman & Robin, is sick of) They went back into the seedy darkness of the first two movies and less like the comic book crap of the final two. I would recommend this rental as well as one I saw the week before.
Crash was also AWESOME. It is a film about racism in L.A. It isn't some watered down obvious message from Spike Lee or something, but instead a very intelligent story of how stranger's lives are interwoven into each other's and how their slight interactions, prejudices and reactions have a great effect in the development (or lack there of) of each of the characters in the film. It isn't just a black and white thing either. Instead it explores the entire scope of racism.
And it reminded me of one of my pet peeves. The term "reverse racism." This is used when blacks are discriminating against whites. There is no such thing. Racism isn't a white thing. It can be held by those who wish to hold it no matter what race they are.
Oh well, time to get off the soap box and go back to the funny post writer that had mentioned Deuce Bigalo European Gigalo at the beginning of this post. Sorry!


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