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An Hour and A Half Long Mistake

So, I drove up to Chicago last night. Things were fine. Exited off of 294N and was about to merge onto 55S when a Chrystler 300M or whatever (the Chrystlers that are trying to look like Mercedeses) slides sideways into my rear passenger side. Causing my car to pull a 180 across all lanes of traffic to end up 1/2 way in the speed lane and 1/2 way off the road FACING oncoming traffic at an angle. I'm so pissed I leap out of my car and walk over to the 300M driver while cars sip by me at 75 mph just inches away.
SHE rolls down her window. I ask her if she's ok. She informs me through sign language that she's deaf. I put my thumb and index finger together while raising the other three in the "OK" hand sign (not the only one I was thinking of giving her.) and pointed at her. She nodded. I then walked back to my car and called *999 for the cops.
Tow truck came. Neither car needed to be towed. I think it was a guy who was just hoping for some extra dough. But, he told us to get our cars out of that area because it is extremely dangerous. I find it interesting that a tow truck got there before the cops.
We moved about 3 blocks ahead (try communicating this to the lady so she understands that you aren't leaving her behind) to a safer area. She hands me her cell phone and motions for me to answer it. Some guy is on the other line telling me that he's her interpreter and he'll be there in 5 minutes. The cop shows up and asks if we want a report written.
By this point, I just want a check and to be on my way. But, they could cancel payment on the check, I guess. So her interpreter shows up and we all decide to get a report.
I have no idea why it took 45 minutes to write the report, but it did.
And there went my entire evening. I should have just come up Saturday morning like I was planning on doing. Probably could of spent some of the evening with Dusti Lynn on the couch, but who knows. Tonight better be worth it!
Oh, and somewhat of a side-note. Perhaps a bit sick, but purely unintentional. When I got home and took off my winter jacket, I realized that I had on my smart ass shirt that said "I can see your lips moving, but all I hear is 'blah, blah, blah.'" Wrong? I thought so.


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