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Nights On WRXQ

Our good friend Luke Walker is trying to get back into the radio field. After working at a brain-numbing call center for almost a year, he's willing to slit his wrists. This job would provide him an outlet for his constant frustration.
So, he is auditioning for a possition on WRXQ in Joliet. He's up against some big names, so he needs your support... and your votes. (This is Chicago - vote early, vote often!)
Here is the website where you can read the details:
But, more importantly, here's the e-mail address where you can send your vote:
Let him know how much you enjoyed hearing Luke on Monday night and what a great DJ he is. Mention that you remember him from his Will Rock days and are excited that you might be able to hear him again.
Tell your friends, your family, your house plants - have them all vote, or Puff Daddy will kill you.


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