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This is a collection of my thoughts. Some of the thoughts that I once had, I no longer do. Some thoughts I have now I have never had. Yet none shal be discounted. This blog is soley for the enjoyment of the author and the readers. On occasion the views expressed are overly exagerated in order to prove a point. Also there may be a dirty word or thought in some of the posts. Grow up and take this for what it's worth - a blog that barely anyone will ever see.


Eh, Deal.

The next post is longer than most. But, it is there because I thought you might enjoy it. Read it when you have time. Pass it when you don't.
Then again, you don't have to read it at all. But, you won't know what everyone's going to be talking about at the water cooler tomorrow morning if you don't!


  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger Looney73 said…

    John - I always have a good laugh at your posts,especially those about women. They always remind me of why I am so glad to be married. You might want to consider writing a book for young single men. Think about: a book for young single men ABOUT young single men!

  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger John Mc. said…

    Sounds kind of gay to me. Gotta be careful with that one.

  • At 5:02 PM, Blogger John Mc. said…

    Oh, and thanks for rubbing in the fact that you're married! That helps!


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