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No Longer A Good Neighbor

Some of you may recall the car accident that I wrote about in the beginning of December. Some have even asked for updates on the condition of my automobile. Not much has changed since then. I replaced the bulb in the car and put some very decorative red tape on the rear tail light. Why not get it all replaced? Things are still tied up.
The insurance carrier that I have is Progressive. She has State Farm. State Farm asked her for her side of the story and she told them that a mystery van pushed her into me then speed off. This mystery van would be the one at fault, not her. So State Farm closed the account leaving me with a damaged car.
Progressive then contacted me saying that they got the police report back and it states that SHE ran into the van and while she was trying to regain control, hit me. This showed COMPLETE fault on her behalf. However, State Farm decided after getting this new information that they would rather go with the story that their client told them over the police report because they won't have to pay out any money.
So, my next step is court. Yup. State Farm is probably hoping that I'm going to let this go and just suck it up. Instead I'm willing to take a few days off of work and take them AND her to court to get my money and hopefully more. I need to talk to an attorney about what my next step is, but that's what I've decided.
But, I recommend that NO ONE use State Farm. My parents are switching after they asked their agent to see what she could do on her end. The agent came back upset because she said despite the fact that they get $3,000 a year from my family and have for over 3 decades, covering a $1000 repair on my car isn't worth it.
So, All-State, here they come! I'll keep you updated on my court battles... I'm going to need to start buying more ties.


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