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Questions Answered

For those of you wondering how our friend Luke did on his radio audition - he didn't get in. It was fixed. A local DJ who goes by the on-air name of "Freak" got the job instead. (Pictured on the left.) What was interesting was while the contest was going on, the website kept hinting that Freak was the winner already. An inside source let me know (Yes, I have inside sources! All large publications like my blog have inside sources!) that Freak "signed on the line" as one might say before the auditions were even half over.
Oh well, Luke has some other possibilities before him. I'll let him tell you about them once they can be released to the public.
Oh, who am I kidding? I wrote this just so I could use that picture. Damn these are crackin' me up!


  • At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yea John,

    I lost out on the opportunity to record a night shift on one of the most boring, unknown stations in the trailer-park ridden area known as Crest Hill, Illinois.

    What can ya do?

    The truth is that anytime I think about actually working at that place again I get naseous.

    Most people (if not all) the people I met there were huge pricks and they can all forever kiss my ass.

    It was good to just practice radio again but they don't even let you do it live there.

    I guess I'll never truly be over getting hired and moving in from Colorado only to have the station fire everyone 6 months later when ratings were up and I just bought an apartment.

    Fuck them forever. All of em.


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