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The 2009 Waste Of An Award Show Awards

I decided that I would watch the 2009 MTV Movie Awards this year. I saw that Andy Samberg was hosting and have found him to be one of the funniest current members of SNL. So, surely this would be a good show.
I set the DVR to record it and caught the show a few days later when I had some free time.
The opening act reminded me of Billy Chrystal's Oscar openings where he would put himself in the movies that were nominated. Only this time, we didn't have to endure Billy Chrystal and his huge over-inflated ego. (Harry Met Sally YEARS ago! Get over it! You shouldn't have even been cast in that.)
Anyway, the show began by nominating the best supporting actress award. I'm not too sure who else was in this category, but the chick from Slumdog Millionaire should have taken this one home. Alas, she didn't. Who won instead?
Some dumbass from "High School Musical 3."
I was puzzled. How could this be?!
The next award went to best fight scene. One of the fight scenes up for consideration was the battle between Batman and The Joker. This should win HANDS-DOWN!
Two pansy-asses from "Twilight" won. If it weren't for CGI, these two would have probably just slapped each other around quite a bit!
I shut off the TV after that. I deleted the program and blocked MTV from my channel listings I was so pissed. MTV is owned by CBS, the same station that was responsible for broadcasting Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. They got hit with some hefty fines from the FCC and last I checked still had to pay some of them after several lawsuits.
The FCC must have taken a night off otherwise the fines would have been greater had they seen the disgusting nature of this audio and visual assault on an unsuspecting American public. It bordered on terrorism.
That is until I recently talked to my manager at the restaurant, G. G told me that there was a special rendition of the best of Andy's digital shorts. I was intrigued and kind of wished that I had fast-forwarded the program to that instead of completely deleting it.
It was today that I found this clip and had to share it with you.
(However, when it comes to the rest of the program, it, MTV, CBS and all other affiliates can piss off.)

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  • At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Chadley said…

    I shutter to think how many other lost souls out there are still holding out that anything on MTV will have even an ounce of quality to it. Totally a non-credible source of any entertainment. I gave up on it in 1998...when they decided to shove teen acts into the mainstream and got rid of 120 Minutes, the last quality thread of musical quality they had...thus the name Music Television...which, is really a moot point now.

  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Cathi said…

    Dear John, have hope, for it's the teenage idiot fans who vote for the winners of the MTV Movie Awards.

    Well, hope for your taste in movies, at least, in that you can rest assured that your taste is way better than a 14 year old girl's.

    Love, Cathi


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