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In a little more than a month, I will be 30. It seems like it is such a milestone. I know that I'm supposed to be frightened of it, but I'm not. I hear that a great deal of soul-searching goes along with the date. I know that a guy from work turned 30 a few months ago and it was a very sad occasion. He said that he wasn't where he wanted to be in life. He was living paycheck to paycheck working at a job that he didn't like. He was qualified to do more in life, but wasn't doing it. He was single and living with a friend.
It sounds a lot like what I may be doing. I'm working a job (several) that I don't like in order to pay my bills and get by. I don't have a wife and kids, instead I have a friend who shares a two-bedroom apartment with me.
But, what if that is where I'm supposed to be right now? Who knows? What if what I'm supposed to do in the future hinders on where I am today? Who am I to say what God has in store for me?
I will not be down. I will rejoice that I have made it 30 years on this planet with only a few broken bones and with a great deal of remarkable friendships and great joy from my family and accomplishments. I have a college degree. I am doing things that I want to do in addition to things that I need to do. I feel I have a healthy balance on the two.
While I'm not living the most comfortable of lives, I am living one that I'm comfortable with.
For my 30th I almost arranged a trip up to Toronto for their "BeerFest" next month. When I factored in the cost of air fare, hotel and the daily passes, it would run about $1000. Plus, I would need to get my passport renewed. When I really thought about it, very few of my friends would be able to drop $1000 just to join me on my 30th.
So, I scrapped that idea.
Instead I'm thinking of a two pronged attack. One being to travel down to Effingham to visit my friends down there. While there going on the Official Effingham Bar Crawl with some of the "city folk" from up here that are willing to take the trek down. Also, we could check out the Effingham County Fair with it's country acts, rodeo and truck pulls. (I would REALLY dig doing that!)
Then do something up here like a suite at the White Sox and then drinks locally with those who couldn't make it out.
At least, that's the plan for now. Should anyone have any thoughts, let me know.

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  • At 10:15 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    John, don't worry about becoming 30. The 30's are great. I thought I would freak at 30, I didn't , then I thought I would at 40, still I didn't, now next year it will be the big 50..I'm already freakin.!!
    and I've learned it's not your age, it's how you feel. Penny

  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger Struck Dumb said…

    This was a cool take on getting older. I'm twenty now but I don't feel anything like it...but perhaps this is exactly how 20 is supposed to feel.
    Like I say in one of my posts, "Its just perspective. And experience which can change it."
    Cheers :)


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