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John Mc On Stage

Again, too long since I posted. A few things that I found interesting. Someone posted that they found my B52's post to be too mean. How incredibly lame. To check out that post and their comments, click here.
On with my Second City adventure - I picked up Second City with Level C. I went all the way through with the program without stopping at this point. I had found a class that I had gelled with once again, as I had Level A.
Our Level C instructor was groovy. She was the Sabrina that I mentioned earlier. And to my knowledge, commented on my blog? She helped us see the foundation of what we were doing. And helped us get rid of some whiskey.
Levels D and E were good, but not great. The instructors (who will remain nameless) were decent, but didn't do much other than pick up a paycheck. Our final instructor (For Level E) even said "I'm not going to instruct you. You have made it this far and should already know what you are doing." This is true. After a year of improv, we should know what to do. However, some folks needed direction. Other folks desired direction. He refused to offer either.
Needless to say, it is a shame that our last two classes at Second City seemed like a waste. But, you must take the good with the bad.
What I have done onstage for Second City is a part of an ensemble. Yet, I have compiled the complete work of me on stage into one package. Don't tell anyone, I think it goes against everything that we have been taught there! The following is the complete work of me on stage at Second City, thus far. (The reason for the delay in my posting this is because it has taken me this long to put this together and then have YouTube tell me that it is too long so I needed to re-edit it into 3 separate pieces. Stupid YouTube! Don't you know that you are going to get the same amount, if not more content if you don't accept my long-form videos?!)

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