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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...

Very shortly here I will be leaving for work. I work at 4pm today. I have 35 minutes until I need to be there. I dread it. I dislike it. But, I know that many people dislike their job. They don't like to go to work, they don't even like driving to work. But, I bet you that majority of them would not like to trade places with me.
The temperature today does not make things any easier. It's windy and cold out with a chance of rain. What a remarkable day. Fall has come to Chicagoland and I want it to leave. Sure, the weekend will warm up again, but I will be working through majority of it.
I guess I would rather a 9-5 job. Something where my evenings and weekends were free. That would be ideal. To lead a real adult's life. Wow. It seems almost too much to ask!
That is why I'm in talks with several colleges in the area to try to become a professor there. I have the qualifications to do so in certain circumstances. I can't really go into great detail here, but it is a slight pipe-dream that I have.
Anything but waiting tables. I work with people who have no degree. Some may not even have a GED. People who have to stop and think to figure out how many sides are on a triangle. Now, not all the people I work with are like this, but the select few are aggravating. Perhaps that's why I drink the beer that I do! Although, I'm cutting down on that. I'm starting to develop an olympic-sized stomach from it.
I also find it humorous to have the people that feel that being a "Shift Leader" or the person in charge of making sure the restaurant is clean before people leaves, is an important decision. The mini-power trips they go on are silly. Their friends get little pats on the back. The person who said that one thing to so-and-so last week about who is dating who will have to do some extra work. And those in the "Shift Leader" positions feel that they don't have to do any work and take "delegation" to a whole new level. One person was so upset that I hadn't restocked the appetizer plates on the floor that they went up to me in front of customers and handed me a note with "AP PLATES!!!" in huge letters. I didn't do it because I was taking a drink order, dummy! You are a 36 year old man! Grow up and haul the ap plates out yourself if they upset you so much. My money and customers come before your power trip! Whatever. I'm just sick of the petty garbage from a select few immature persons there.
It's been a year in a job that I thought would be a place-filler. And I'm not happy. So, I'm doing something about it. Bitching about it doesn't solve anything. Resumes may.
Until then, it's off to work. Can't be late! Might be written up! We wouldn't want that, now would we?! Ugh.


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