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Random Thoughts... Again.

Kid Jeopardy was on TV last week. I love Kid Jeopardy week. It is the one week that I feel Super Smart. Normally I am impressed when I get most of the questions correct. When Kid Jeopardy week is going on, I clean up. "What month hosts our nation's birthday?" "What is July. I'm a genius." If I ever have to compete against 10 year olds in a battle of intelligence, I feel fairly confident in my victory. (Oh, and Alex - grow the mustache back!)
They say that while in school, you are the smartest that you will probably ever be. Thus, college students should be the smartest people we have in our country. Why is it that they seem to be the dumbest? So naive about the world. I would like to think that I have retained a great deal from my years of schooling. Such as the mitochondria are the "power houses" of the cell. EVERY biology teacher I have had used that analogy. Whoever came up with that one should have put a copyright on that saying. I'm assuming it was either Watson or Crick.
I just came back from a trip to Orlando to visit one of my oldest friends, Mickey. (He is doing well, in case you were wondering. He hasn't aged a bit. Must have that Dick Clark gene where you don't age for decades.)
It was there that I saw a few people with the "funny t-shirts" that most people are wearing today. However, they weren't up to the caliber that I've seen in Chicago. I don't know if this means that we have a greater sense of humor up here (thus Second City) or if the people I ran into were just lame.
I saw one guy with a shirt that read "Gr8 In Bed." First of all, the play on the number 8, not that creative. Second of all - Disney World? You are going to wear this to Disney World? I'm sure that is going to impress the hell out of the 10 year old waiting in line for Dumbo. However, it may be on his humor level at that age. And finally, he probably bought that shirt for himself making it extremely pathetic. If his wife and/or girlfriend bought that for him, it would have been better. But, still not good apparel for Disney World.
Disney has completely sold out. EVERYTHING there was sponsored. The ride known as "Test Track" is the "GM Test Track." Everywhere you look there is a GM logo. There is even a GM SHOWROOM at the end of the ride. There is a gift shop at the end of each ride. What is even sicker, companies have even sponsored stupid made-up things. There is a sign in the bathroom under the mirror that has "Hand Washing Suggestions." I'm not making this up. "Wet hands, lather with soap completely and then rinse. These hand washing suggestions are brought to you by Bounty Paper Towels." They have sponsored hand washing. What's next? Wiping?
Has anyone else noticed that the hand washing in public bathrooms has gotten worse? It used to be the occasional sicko that avoided this step, now it seems like a close majority do. I realize with guys there is no contact with what is being released, but there is still some evidence of what has happened. Perhaps microscopic, but come on! I have heard that urine is sterile, but I still don't want it in the mixed nuts on the bar.
Avoid the mixed nuts on the bar. They are FILTHY!
Oh, and no transition here, Gore got the Peace Prize? WTF?! This is truly the beginning of the end of salvation. Is Dennis Kucinich going to give up the location of his pot o' gold? Is Nancy Pelosi going to do SOMETHING positive with the Democratic-Run congress? What other absurdities could possibly occur?! And what did he win it for? A movie that made less sense than "Scary Movie 2!" A movie that has been discredited time and time again. And a world view that makes no sense. Anyone else notice that he hasn't had any public discussions about this with those that oppose Global Warming theories? Not one. Why? (Click here to read a post that details my options and why I'm right.)
I really hope he runs for president again. Just so we can see him lose again and then get fatter.
That's it for now. Go Bears.

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