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NFL Picks

I have a feeling about this week. Something(s) strange and/or big is/are going to happen. What? Not sure. However, I could be completely wrong and everything goes as planned.
In any event, here's how your Sunday and Monday are going to shape up.

STL over AR (This is my upset of the week. We'll see if it pans out)
TEN over ATL
CAR over NO (Alright, another upset!)
NE over CLE
DET over WAS (One more? Maybe this is the feeling I'm having.)
KC over JAX
HOU over MIA (Who cares?)
NYG over NYJ
PIT over SEA
IND over TB (This would be one helluva upset if reversed!)
BAL over SF (Only due to BAL's defence, nothing else.)
DEN over SD (Another upset. DEN is a little beat up this season, but SD isn't ready to start a winning streak just yet.)
DAL will beat the hell outta BUF on Monday Night.
and finally,
CHI over GB (Any question with this one? The biggest game of the season will put a little more fuel in Chicago's tank and knock over evil Packers. Enjoy this game tonight and cheer for the good guys to defeat the forces of Satan.)

I guess this will be the week of upsets (Like week two was for me) Sorry to everyone who was awaiting my week four picks. Hopefully the accuracy of my week five picks will make up for it.
Enjoy, Football fans!!!


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