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Reasons To Take Up Reading Again

I am grateful for the DVR. This thing keeps me away from one of America's most disgusting qualities - daytime TV. I watch WGN News at Noon (Mainly because Nancy Loo on Fox is an idiot. I detest her personality greatly.) and then check out what my DVR has stored for me recently. Then I never have to worry about accidentally catching some of Springer or one of the 5,873 courtroom shows that they have on now.
I do like Jeopardy and on rare occasions, The Price Is Right. Family Feud is good as well. They now have it hosted by John O'Hurley. You may know him from his most famous role as J. Peterman on Seinfeld. (I heard recently that he eventually bought the Peterman company. But, that may not be correct.) But, he is now the host of Family Feud and from what I can tell from, it looks as if he may have gotten his start on Family Feud in 1985 during "Guys and Dolls Week."
It may be the times that I have checked out the Feud or it may be every day, but it seems that they put up a white family against a black family. What is going on here? I don't know who I'm rooting for. Should I pull for the white family because I can relate or the black family because I have "white guilt?" I think that Family Feud may be the true source of racial tension in America. Jessie should have a sit-down with O'Hurley.
If you are ever called to be on the Maury show, don't go. It is never a good move. You are either someone's baby's daddy, your kid is huge or someone that you made fun of in high school is now super hot. Or maybe all three if you made fun of a fat kid who is now attractive and you're the daddy.
Don't even get me started on the awful soaps!
I'm glad that thanks to the DVR, I don't have to endure these trials of American culture and can view something with a great deal more meaning. Like "America's Most Smartest Model."


  • At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    John o hurley only owns a small part of the j peterman company.

  • At 1:00 PM, Blogger John Mc. said…

    Thank you for the correction. I remember hearing something in my Seinfeld DVD comentary, but wasn't sure.


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