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Professor Mc.

Yesterday at 4pm I was on the Dan Ryan in Chicago on my way to my job interview that started at 4pm. I thought I had left with enough time, but not quite. I was five minutes late getting into the office, but the person I was interviewing with was at least ten minutes late making me seem like I was on time. In those ten minutes I chatted with the secretary. Made polite small-talk and agreed with what she said. I have found that it is always in your best interest to make a good impression on the secretary, because the guy that you are meeting with usually values his secretary's opinion.
I feel I made a good impression on her and was soon introduced to the guy I would be meeting with. He is shorter than I am and a lot more energetic. He is one of these guys who is proud of what he has accomplished. And he has every right to be. He ran the most successful FM radio station in Chicago for 30 years as well as another one in the top five. He currently owns 11 stations and is looking to buy more. He has gone back to his old stomping grounds because he had heard that the radio program at his old college wasn't up to par. His goal is to make their radio program the best in the nation so that every radio station would soon say "I want to hire a student from _____ College." (I'm not going to say the name of the college to protect the innocent, namely me.)
It is an extremely lofty goal and I was stunned to hear it. However, I was excited to possibly be a part of it. I was interviewing to teach two classes at this college. He also talked about maybe having me do imaging work for his college radio station. That would be a little more money in the bank for me and not a lot of work.
He asked me how good I was at digital production. (If you know me, I'm not one to brag, but felt compelled to respond in a somewhat boastful manner.) "You will be impressed." is what I told him. He really liked this response.
I was then informed of what would be expected of me and he went into the different possibilities that I had. He then paused and said "Now, do you always dress in a suit, or are you just trying to impress me?" I responded with "I think that's the point of today, isn't it?" He liked that response too. I know it was a little cocky, but he took it the right way.
By the end of the interview, he was telling me when my teaching training would be and the date that I would start. And with the same breath he told me that I would still have to be approved by some other people. Yet, I had his approval. So, I didn't know if I had the job. He then paused and said "Have I heard any of your stuff?" I let him know that I had sent him an e-mail of my MP3's that showed him a bit of what I had done. He told me that he hadn't received it and wanted me to re-send it soon. I let him know that he would have it that night.
As soon as I went home, I put together an e-mail that essentially said "I'm excited that I will be working with you soon. Attached are my demos." He sent back a reply stating that he is looking forward to working with me as well and that he had received them. So, I'm assuming that I have the job. Even though, I never got a hand shake and a "welcome aboard."
So, now I must decide if I keep my serving job. Do I continue DJing weddings? I don't even know what days of the week I will be working for him. I'm not even positive that I will be teaching more than one class. There are so many variables up in the air right now, that I can't really make an educated decision. What I do know is that I am 90% sure that people can start calling me "Professor John Mc."


  • At 2:56 PM, Blogger Joelle said…

    Cool shit, John. Sounds like you have a promising interview. If they know what's good for 'em, they'll bring you aboard.

    Keep DJ'ing weddings, IMO. Serving the public sucks. At least you'll be mildly entertained some weekends..;-)

    Sorry I haven't made it out your way in a while, but I'd still love to get together one of these days!!

    Merry Christmas if I don't get the chance to talk to you...I'll be sunning in Hawaii in less than 5 days!!

    Miss you.

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Watt said…

    John I would like you take a look over this post and the others above it for spelling errors. I find it rather funny that you are telling other people to spell check, yet you spell response as "responce" How unfortunate for you :-)


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