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This is a collection of my thoughts. Some of the thoughts that I once had, I no longer do. Some thoughts I have now I have never had. Yet none shal be discounted. This blog is soley for the enjoyment of the author and the readers. On occasion the views expressed are overly exagerated in order to prove a point. Also there may be a dirty word or thought in some of the posts. Grow up and take this for what it's worth - a blog that barely anyone will ever see.


Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start

Do you know what NES stands for?
Then you will remember these.

Inside Week 3

I'm writing this on Friday afternoon as I watch Inside The NFL.
That show was originally on HBO, but this season was moved to Showtime. This worked out well for me because I get Showtime free for 6 months. What didn't work out is that some of the key members of the show stayed with HBO.
Bob Costas was replaced by Warren Sapp. Dan Marino was replaced by Phil Simms. I'm not happy. Phil Simms is an angry little man. Dan Marino was so mellow, you would swear he hung out with current Dolphins player Ricky Williams. Simms is constantly looking for a fight and this week took a call "personally." Really? A ref messes up and you feel violated like a parking meter?
And Warren Sapp. Why? Warren Sapp behaves like a 7-year-old with social developmental issues. And my apologies to any 7-year-olds with social developmental issues for being compared to Warren Sapp. What an idiot. I don't use that term for lack of creativity, but instead because he embodies all that "idiot" truly stands for.
J.B. used to be the quiet anchor on Fox's morning zoo of a pre-game show, but now is being drawn in to all of the bickering and talk-over caused by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. I thought that he had more restraint, but I guess not.
I used to be annoyed by Chris Collinsworth, but now he is the best part of the show. He is the closest to sane, which is a very concerning turn of events that I hope is not a parallel of today's society.
The previous show had discussions over calls and rules and nit-picked the previous week's games a bit. However, in the case of disagreement everyone remained respectful. In the new version, Sapp is focusing on not drooling that much while making awful comparisons and Simms is close to running someone over with a Hummer. I'm not even sure if it matters who.
Bring back Costas. Everyone loves Bobby. He reminds us all of that innocent 10-year-old boy in a suit from someone's wedding. (You wanted to pinch his cheeks in Bejing, didn't ya?)

Well, on to this week's picks: (Last week wasn't that good. Hopefully this week will be better for me.)

ATL over KC (This should be a tight game. Yet, no one will watch.)
MIN over CAR (MIN is due. Make this my first upset.)
WAS over AZ
CHI over TB (Of course.)
TEN over HOU (TEN has stepped up it's game this year. Who knew?)
NE over MIA (I still have my doubts about a Brady-less NE, but I'm not about to pick MIA!)
NYG over CIN (Should be a good match.)
DEN over NO (I was talking with my friend Chad about DEN this week. They are constantly a formidable opponent, yet they don't get a great deal of press about it. I will make 'em an upset this week even though I doubt Ed will be calling the game.)
SEA over STL
SF over DET
JAX over IND (Yes. I have IND going 1-2 by the end of the day.)
CLE over BAL (Another upset.)
PIT over PHI
DAL over GB (GREAT Sunday night game! GO BIG D!!!)
SD over NYJ (Have we started the lousy Monday Night Football schedule already? So soon this year? Who cares about this game?!)

There ya have it. Assume that only half of those are correct - can you choose the right half before kick-off? Good luck!!!


New Old Movies

If you get through all of these without laughing, don't ever come to this blog again. You do not belong here.

Thanks to my friend Sean B. for bringing these trailers to my attention! If you know of something great on YouTube, or any other site, that I should share with the world, let me know!



There is no liberal media bias.
Disregard the fact that US Weekly is owned by Rolling Stone Magazine (I used to subscribe.)
Ignore that Roiling Stone gave a great deal of money to the Obama campaign.

Plus turn a blind eye to the fact that they "didn't have time" to look for the truth before the article came out. "It was breaking over the weekend."
There is no such thing as liberal bias in the media. All those claims are just a right-wing conspiracy.



I know I have mentioned him before, but I saw this and had to share it with you again.
It is fast-paced, ridiculous and obsenly stupid.

I love it.
(Be sure to watch until the very end.)

More are available at the link on the left.

Lindsay Lohan To Host CNN Show

Ok, she's not going to host a CNN show anytime soon. Well, except for the one in her mind. It's on from 3:15-3:38pm Mondays and Thursdays.
She has offered her services to Obama's campaign recently. (click here) They did something that no one would have expected - they said "no."
Usually the campaigns LOVE celebrity endorsement of any kind. (Remember Chuck Norris with Huckabee? What great running mates those two would have been.)
Lohan asked Obama if she could host a fund raising rally for him. They paused and asked "Haven't we all verified you have 'fire crotch' thanks to Google Images? I think we will pass."
She then went on a loose (pun intended) tirade on her MySpace blog about Palin. She asked "Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?"
If one would consider the bible, or nearly any other major religion's belief structure, as a way of sorting out "sin" from "not sin," then yes... you moron.
She just has her panties (or lack-there-of) in a bunch because she plans on marrying a club DJ. A female club DJ.
This is the first I've heard of it. Not that I care. She's just another L.U.G. who must feel pain when the spotlight isn't on her and she must make ridiculous claims and actions to bring it back. Who knows no one will put her in the next "Herbie" movie!


I challenge you to an exercise.
There is no limit.
There is no minimum.

Get a blank piece of paper (or select "new" from the "file" option on top of your Microsoft Word)
Start off as many sentances as you can with "I."

For example:

"I believe..."
"I am..."
"I will..."
"I have..."

Once you have 'em. Post them as a comment here.
You may find out some revalations about yourself that you didn't realize before.
Should 3 people post theirs by the end of the weekend, I will post mine.
(You show me yours, I'll show you mine.)

Have fun.

Secretly Trendy

I'm 29.
I'm way too old.
I shouldn't like this.
Actually I don't.
I LOVE it.

I also dig this.
I will tell everyone that it is because of the music.
When in reality, it's because I'm a perv.
All sleep-overs are like that, right?
All teaming with L.U.G.'s?

I will never let anyone know that I know all the lyrics to this.
I have never seen the video until now.
Pretty sure that's the put put from Karate Kid.
And I'm pretty sure she's a bitch. (That other girl did nothing!)
Yet, also hot.


Week 2 NFL Picks

Greetings once again football fans. If you used my predictions from last week, you probably would have won some money in Vegas. (Even though this blog does not support illegal gambling at all. Not even a friendly game of Rock, Paper Scissors. Too many hurt feelings. Too many.)

I will have to get a tally going of what I got right and what I got wrong. More on that later when I'm not so busy.

Here's this week's picks:

CHI over CAR (Of course. Watch Forte light it up again. He will be the Panther's focus, so it will be a true test of his abilities.)
NO over WASH
IND over MIN (However, with Peyton's boys faltering and MIN doing much better, this may prove to be a good game. However, no one will count the Colts out if it until they start loosing like the Dolphins of a few years ago.)
NYG over STL
KC over OAK
BUF over JAX (One of the most boring games of the week. Although, now that I go on a limb and say that, this game will probably go into quadruple overtime.)
CIN over TEN (Upset? Perhaps. Another "who cares" game. But, again, expect multiple overtimes because I said that. I will change my name to "Ocho Nueve" if I'm wrong.)
GB over DET (As much as it pains me to write.)
ATL over TB
SF over SEA (Upset. Not sure why I chose this one, but it feels this way.)
SD over DEN
NE over NYJ (Favre will get a taste of what it is in this division as he plays the Patriots. Even without the greater pansy of the two QB's, Tom Brady, in the game, NE still remains a relatively formidable opponent. The NYBretts will get their first loss of the season today.)
MIA over AZ (Another upset. Shut up, Warner. Or should I tell that to your puppet-master wife? I would say Ricky will lite it up in this game, but that would just be wrong.)
PIT over CLE
DAL over PHI (What a great Monday night game. They are on their way to a good line up of teams. It is usually mid season that they start putting BUF vs TEN on Mondays and other mistakes that no one will watch.)

Enjoy your football.
Go Bears.

More on my weekend soon!


NFL Picks

It is that time again.
The weather is turning slightly colder. Chilli is starting to sound more appetizing. The kids are already complaining about school.
It is football season again.

Thank God.

It took long enough for it to start up again.
Some key changes:
Da Bears got better in some areas and worse in others. Thus, they should be the same as they were last year. (Not good at all)
Ricki Williams could be the come-back player of the year? (Whoever predicted that must have a contact high.)
Inside The NFL moved from HBO to Showtime. (Cancel your HBO, there is no reason to have it anymore.)
I had an awful fantasy football draft. (I still well up with tears each time I think about it.)
Brett Favre' is now a Jet. (But, still a whiny bitch. That hasn't changed.)

Now for the moment you have been waiting for, my NFL picks of the week:

I know that the Giants and the Redskins have already played, but I will pick The Giants anyway to get the points.
Upset: (Yeah, I'm that bold to start with one) OAK over DEN
MIN over GB (You are welcome for that WR, MIN!)
DAL over CLE
SF over AZ
SD over CAR
ATL over DET
CIN over BAL
NYJ over MIA (If I didn't pick the Jets, Favre' would start balling.)
SEA over BUF (Although, with BUF's new adjustments, this should be a good game. Perhaps my game of the week.)
NE over KC
NO over TB
PIT over HOU (Another good game due to pre-season moves by HOU.)
PHI over STL
JAX over TN
and finally, CHI over IND.

I know that the last one is a HUGE upset, but I have to do it. Plus, if I didn't, I would get hell from majority of my blog readers.

Enjoy week one. I know I will be!