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This is a collection of my thoughts. Some of the thoughts that I once had, I no longer do. Some thoughts I have now I have never had. Yet none shal be discounted. This blog is soley for the enjoyment of the author and the readers. On occasion the views expressed are overly exagerated in order to prove a point. Also there may be a dirty word or thought in some of the posts. Grow up and take this for what it's worth - a blog that barely anyone will ever see.


Unwritten Rules Continued

The Unwritten Rules are coming in. Here are some of the new additions to the original 11. (They are like the Bill Of Rights.)
#12 and #13 are from Christa. They have been edited for punctuation, capitalization and content. To read them unedited, see the comment left on the post near the original 11 rules. You can learn more about Christa from her blog. Link is to the left.

12. Notification Of Lane Change And/Or Jerk-Face Behind The Wheel

People are so lazy that they cant just flick the stick to turn the ticker on!!!! I mean, being lazy enough not to pick up your clothes or do the dishes is one thing (acceptable on some days) but, REALLY how hard is it to move your hand for 3 seconds?!!? The simple notification of your intent is appreciated by all. This will prevent me from turning in front of you and/or me shooting at you on the express way when you realize all of a sudden, I want to be in the COMPLETELY OPPOSITE lane!

13. Always One Squeaky Wheel

Return your damn shopping cart after you've used it. Some people will push it to the grass and pick it up to put it on the grass, but cant walk 3 more inches to put it in the return! This common courtesy is for those who must retrieve these for the store. Think about what a pain in the ass this thank-less job is. Do we really need to make it that much more of a hassle for them? You wonder why you have scuff marks on your Lexus at about the height of the basket!

14. Being A Cheep-Ass

Some people forget that when eating in a restaurant situation, where one person is serving you the food, the proper thing to do at the end of the meal is to leave that person a tip. How much compensation is required for a tip depends upon the service given. If the service was satisfactory, a 15% tip is expected. If the server went out of their way to make sure that your experience was perfect, more is expected. At least 18-20%. Should less than this occur, you have waved your rights to personal physical protection and the server may now kick you in the face Chuck Norris-Style.
If you don't wish to tip or have your head over-heat while trying to figure out what 15% of $50.00 is, most McDonald's are now open 24 hours a day. Piss off there.

15. Gun Control

When riding with one or more other passengers in a car, yelling "shotgun" is a popular way to claim the front seat. Everyone over the age of 5 knows how coveted the front seat is. This, despite it being known as "the death seat" where all who sit in it have a greater chance of death in an accent. I guess Americans like to live on the edge, but this is not my point.
Instead, there are a few rules to "shotgun." The driver, obviously, does not have to be concerned with these rules. They have the damn keys. "Shotgun" must be called when the car is visible. When still within a location, such as a restaurant or home, "Shotgun" may not be recognized. There should be no physical barriers along your eyesight line of the vehicle.
The first potential passenger to call out "Shotgun" before all others will be the one to enjoy sitting in the front. The driver is the ultimate judge in this situation. Should he show unfair favor over one passenger, kicking of the driver's seat at stop lights and other junctures where the car is not in motion are acceptable repercussions. However, no permanent damage may be done to the seat.
"Shotgun" may be called by an individual twice in a row. There isn't a balance to the universe where your sister gets to ride "Shotgun" on the way home because you got to ride it on the way there. The world isn't fair. Might as well find that out early on with the claim to the death seat.

16. Tunage

The automobile offers a musical wonderland for it's passengers. With a variety of choices on the radio, satellite radio, CD, cassette, I-Pod and 8-track, the choices for music and talk are endless. However, the choice of the radio lies solely in the hands of the driver. It is them and them alone that will select the appropriate music and volume of the music. While requests may be offered of the passengers, the final decision of the audio issues within the car lies completely with the driver.
The reason for this is parallel to when you enter the driver's home. Their entertainment equipment, venue of entertainment and all other aspects of the guest's experience are determined by the host. In this case, the driver is hosting the passengers. It is up to the driver to provide the appropriate environment and weigh in the suggestions from all others in the vehicle, but is not required to accept all suggestions. Plus, the driver is the one who is accomplishing the most in the vehicle, thus should be cradled within the most pleasant environment they see fit.
The driver may give up their right to this awesome responsibility. This usually goes to the person who was lucky enough to get out "Shotgun" before all others. However, once the driver has made the decision that his previous forfeit of aural power was not a positive one, the driver may at any time re-gain control of the entertainment aspect of the automobile.
Finally, should the driver increase the volume of the audio, shut up. You have annoyed the driver with your conversation. You may have also accidentally called "music" by the improper name "tunage." No one in the history of man has ever found this funny, cute or even remotely amusing.

17. Tracking Nickels

There is no such thing as a MySpace Tracker. Stop telling me about it. Your bulletins are wasting my bandwidth. Also, Tom will not delete MySpace if I don't forward your message to all of my friends. Tom doesn't even own MySpace anymore. It is owned by News Corp (a.k.a. Fox). Finally, the cancer kid in Tree Rot, AK doesn't exist. He does not get a nickel for each time that I post your stupid bulletin. Even if he did, at the end of the day he would still be bald, have cancer and a shitload of nickels. If you want to do something positive for cancer, donate your lame-ass nickels to The American Cancer Society. Stop wasting my time.

18. Idiots Clicking

My inbox is flooded with tons of spam each day. Why? I've had my account for over ten years and everyone and their brother knows what my address is. An even better answer for the amount of spam that's in my inbox is that idiots click on it. Not me, idiots. A national campaign should be set up to prevent idiots from clicking on unsolicited messages that arrive in their inbox. Even if you are thinking about re-financing, look into it on your own, don't open the letter sent to you by the jack-ass in NJ who gets 8 cents each time someone clicks on his link. From then on he knows that you are a fool and will send you more crap. Soon, you may have already won an X-Box or you need to collect your K-Mart Gift Card or your penis may be way too small. (This condition only happens to those who respond to spam on the internet.)
If no one clicked on his crap, he wouldn't be making any money. If he makes no money, he can go back to his old job as an Assistant Manager at Taco Bell and take out his frustration on the Chalupas instead of on my valuable inbox space.

19. PCU

The age of PC should have been over by now. I'm done caring about whether or not I offend anyone. (This should be obvious to the regular readers already.) You are no longer a "Waste Management Engineer." You have gone back to "Garbage Man." Yes, "Man!" There is no such thing as a "Postal Carrier." I have a "Mail Man." Sometimes on his day off, there is a "Mail Woman." Why are we so concerned with gender? Is "Woman" that bad of a word?
What also goes out the window is saying someone's "young." Oh, she's now 84 years "young." Nope. She's 84 years OLD. Yes, "Old" doesn't sound as good as "young," but let's be honest, who you crappin'? We hear 84 and no matter what word you put after it, we think "old." Willard Scott is an idiot.

20. Knowing Is Half The Battle

Stupid people should not be aloud to discuss politics. If you haven't picked up a news paper in months, know who your governor is, and/or which political party has the symbol of a jack-ass, don't open your mouth when people begin discussing politics. You are not properly equipped to handle what is about to occur.
I recently had a very unintelligent person tell me that today's economy is awful due to George W. Bush. First off, the president has very little to do with the economy. Second, we are hitting new records nearly daily with an economy that has never been higher. Don't say anything that you can't back up with facts. Facts tend to help with discussing politics. When the only facts you have in your head revolve around which Hollywood starlet just went to rehab today and which one was released yesterday, go back to reading your "Entertainment Weekly" and practicing how to walk and chew gum at the same time.
Oh, same goes for religion. Pray you'll get a clue.

Got more? Let me know with a comment or e-mail.

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Nachos? Nectarines? You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

I've calmed down a little bit, so I can discuss this now. Pluto is no longer a planet. Why? Terminology. Read the National Geographic article here. It essentially says that the new definition of the term "planet" does not include Pluto.
The article says: "According to the new definition, a full-fledged planet is an object that orbits the sun and is large enough to have become round due to the force of its own gravity. In addition, a planet has to dominate the neighborhood around its orbit. Pluto has been demoted because it does not dominate its neighborhood."
Bull. Pluto has been a planet my entire life. I refuse to let it go. My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas was the way I memorized the planets. Everyone had something similar to this to remember Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus (giggle), Neptune and PLUTO!
Now, My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine... Nine WHAT?! The sentence no longer makes sense!
The only way the sentence could make sense is to change "Nine" to some other food. But, what food begins with "N?" All I could come up with is Nectarines. However, that's too obscure to remember.
I just got back from lunch with Kate, (a.k.a. K-Lo, Katie From The Block) and asked her for other foods that begin with "N." She came up with "Noodles." Which is better than Nectarines, but still doesn't feel right. I then thought about it a bit more and came up with "Nachos," which sounds better, but with the whole illegal immigration thing, you have to be careful with Mexican cuisine. Plus, never in my 27 years on this planet (Excellent) has my Mother (Mars) ever served me Nachos (Neptune). Every kid has been served pizzas and has prayed for the day that nine of them show up. No kid has ever really wished beyond hope for nachos.
So, to make all things right with the world, bring Pluto back, you eggheads! You are turning my world upside down!

Fun Pluto facts that will be lost within a generation or so: Pluto was discovered at Lowell University in Arizona in 1930. This was a year after Chicago's Adler Planetarium opened it's doors. On it's main door, the planetarium has the symbols for the first 8 planets, but not Pluto's because of it's late discovery. It has always remained that way and thus will make it convenient to remove Pluto from everyone's memory. Bastards.

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A Follow-Up

After such a great response from my "11 Unwritten Rules" post, there will be a continuation. Get your rules into me now.
I will also expand it to be rules that should be common knowledge, but aren't. Heck, even regular rules to life that aren't in the legal books. (For example: "Don't kill anyone" is a pretty obvious one and doesn't need to be mentioned.)
You can either e-mail me or leave a comment with your rules.
I look forward to hearing your rules for life soon!

(If I have enough, I may even release a book and mention you in the forward!)


My Next Career Move

As I type this, I'm watching "The World Series Of Pop Culture." DAMN do I love this competition. I never knew how much useless crap that I know. The duck on "Friends" was named Yasmine Bleeth after the actress on Baywatch. Balki Bartakomus is from the island of "Mepos." Martin Sheen played the president in "Mars Attacks." The band that The Brady Bunch put together to raise money for their parent's anniversary gift was "The Silver Platters."

I check out after watching a movie to see who played what role and what the trivia is about the movie. I remember who is in what TV show and who they are dating in real life. Nearly every line of dialogue from a movie or TV show that I've seen more than once is stored in my brain somewhere.

Also after being a DJ for 10 years and on the radio for as long as I have been, music is also a cinch.

So, next year I'm going to win it all. I just need to find two other people to join me. You want in? I'm accepting applications now.
Oh DEAR GOD! They have just started a "Weird Al" category. Excuse me while I clean up!

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Car Repair

You may recall (Even if you have a poor short-term memory) that I had issues with my car recently. Click here for more info.
Yesterday I spent too much time on the internet writing blogs and checking mail and visiting MySpace and essentially, wasting time. So, I had little time to get my car repaired and get into work. So, I called up my mechanic to see what the situation was like over there. Could they get my car in today and if so, would it take a while. They assured me that they could get it repaired quickly, provided my only issue was the serpentine belt.
So, I head over there on my battery's power. In twenty minutes, the mechanic was handing me back the keys. He let me know that the belt was back on and that they were done.
I asked him what the damage was and he told me none.
"You have to do something nice at least once a week and this week, it's your car." He told me.
That is why I ONLY go to J&C Auto on Ogden in Downers Grove. Not only are they all honest mechanics, but they know their stuff. They also aren't there to make money on you, they are to make a customer out of you.
I tell everyone I know about them. Pass up the chain stores. Ignore the dealerships. Go straight to J&C Auto the next time you have ANY problems. Or even if you are buying a new car, they are happy to give it a once-over to make sure that it is sound before you buy it. They are great.
In today's world of deception while following the almighty dollar, these guys make it the honest way. There is greater value in that than the dollar.

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Luke's Ashley

My friend Luke has a girlfriend named Ashley.
She TOO has a blog!

Click on her picture to check it out now or the terrorists have won.

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Unwritten Rules

As we go through life in the greatest nation in the world, America, there are a few unwritten rules that govern modern society. These rules keep order and prevent civil war from breaking out. Here are a few that I have discovered that aid us in our life's travels.

1. The Courtesy Wave

When in traffic, should a fellow motorist allow you to merge, it is proper to give a sign of thanks. This sign become increasingly more important in heavy traffic situations.
The wave is done with the right hand and is a large motion. It starts from the passenger seat and slowly moves to the driver seat. It then goes back to the passenger seat. The repeating of this motion does not need to exceed three, for fear that it may be misconstrued as sarcasm. Also be sure to use the whole hand with the fingers together so it can not be seen as another popular traffic wave.
Keep in mind, a rapid movement of the arm is not necessary. You are showing thanks, not leaving port on a cruise liner.

2. The Fries

When dinning with others, what food is on their plate, is theirs. It may seem appetizing to you, but unless offered, it is theirs. Removing a portion of their food, such as French fries, without permission is a great offense. This rule is not negated by close relationships. This instead puts a strain on close relationships. (This also can be used as a deal breaker on dates. You want to date a respectful human being, not Helen Keller as a child! [Feel free to look that reference up.])
Ask for a fry and you may get several. Take a fry, take the trust out of a relationship... and risk getting your hand forked.

3. The Drink

This goes along with the fries situation. Although, it goes deeper. Is someone having a fruit smoothie that you wish to taste? You don't just dive right in when they have set it down. You also have to be tactful about the way that you ask for a sip. You must find a creative way to ask for a sip while they still have an out. Or, just be very obvious that you've "never had that drink before and wondered what it tasted like." They can either ignore you or offer you a sip. Either way, I'm sure they'll get the picture. Should they ignore you, don't be offended.
Some people have issues with you putting your weird-ass saliva into their drink. This is punishment for bad customers in restaurants. What makes you think that it will be welcome in their frozen treat?

4. Kindness For Your Protection

Also when dinning, you may need to interact with a waiter or waitress. This interaction should also have a certain degree of respect. This not only shows that you can "relate to the help," but could also prevent you from eating something that isn't on the menu.
Don't mess with those who bring your food. (See the movie "Waiting" for more examples of this.)

5. A Different Kind Of Waiting

When you have one friend on the phone and call waiting goes off, you now have a choice. Do you ignore the new incoming call, or do you interupt the conversation with the first person? Unless the call coming in is an emergency or someone that is difficult to get a hold of (Luke), you remain on the line with the original person. You have the ability to completely ignore the second call.
Should you take the second call, don't tell that person "Hold on, let me get rid of ____." Because when the next time the second person is the first, they will assume you said that about them too. Be cautious!

6. Picking A Winner

Ever feel like everyone is watching you at a stop light? We are. Get your finger out of there.

7. "Wanna Dance?"

On occasion when walking, your path may combine with someone else's path. As they are heading East, you are heading West. (Expect to see this more often in crowded areas such as malls, concerts, drapery stores, etc.) You will come to a point where you are roughly two feet apart. The easiest solution is to go right. (Unless in England, then you go left.) If you go to your right and they to theirs, problem averted and the whole event is erased from memory shortly after.
Under no circumstance is the phrase "Wanna Dance?" or anything similar ever to be said. It wasn't funny the first time that someone said it to you, why do you feel that if you put your own spin on it, someone else will find it humorous? Don't be silly. Move on.


In the age of the computer, it is often thought that it is acceptable to abbreviate everything. This problem has gone even further with the popularity of the text message. This is not acceptable. You aren't really "LOLing," so don't type it. You look like an idiot. And even if you really are "Laughing Out Loud," just type the damn phrase. It won't take that much longer.
Also shortening phrases and words such as "idk" for "I Don't Know" or even "DNT" for "Didn't" or "Don't" just confuses the hell out of everyone attempting to understand what you are saying. In that event, we will just chalk it up to you being a brain-dead moron, disregarding everything that you say and moving on.
(All of this can apply to "Smiley Faces." These, too, have gotten WAY out of control. Stop it and express yourself with words, not animation.)

9. Check Your Work

For the past ten years or so, we have had this remarkable invention called "Spell Check." It has saved my ass several times. It isn't that difficult to use. It is a program that will point out words that could have possibly been spelled incorrectly. This program started with Microsoft (I think.) Word and has moved on to so many different venues. This blogging program has one, my internet browser has one, most web pages have one built in, etc.
It is all over the place. Use it. You have no excuse for a misspelled word that would have been picked up by spell check.
(Yes, I thought about this while typing the above and saw all the questionable words like "LOL." dammit. There's another one.)

10. Patience Is A Virtue

By now, majority of society knows how an elevator works. I doubt I'm being too presumptuous on this one. When waiting for the elevator to arrive, pushing the "up" or "down" button repeatedly will not cause the elevator to get their faster. No elevator has said "Gee, that person is in a hurry. Normally I take my time getting there, but today I'll pick up the pace!"
Also, should you arrive at an elevator where someone is already awaiting the doors to open, it can be assumed that this person has already pressed the button. There is no need for you to press it again. The person who was there before you was not waiting for assistance, but instead the elevator. The only situations where this rule can be by-passed is if you wish to go the opposite direction from the one who was there before you.

11. No Habla

The bathroom is a personal and private situation. Under no circumstances should a conversation be held through the bathroom door. Should a phone call come in for the person behind the door, they are "busy." (You may relate nature's call to the call waiting rule above.) Do you have something that you are dying to tell the person behind the door? I am willing to bet that they will be more focused on your story in a few moments. The only exception would be if what you have to say begins with something along the lines of "There is a fire out here," "I'm choking," "We have 5 minutes until impact," "There are massive amounts of blood out here," or something similar.
This rule also goes the other way. Should you hear a voice from beyond the door, it should be ignored. There are certain things that you should not be an innocent bystander to, for fear your innocence would be lost.

There are my 11. Do you have one or more? Let me know in a comment, e-mail, txt msg or any other form of communication. As long as it isn't on the phone. I'm on the other line.

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I have no time for anything. Everything is scheduled. I have the rest of the month and most of August scheduled already. At times, it's aggravating. A free day here and there would be nice, but there is a mark on each day of the calender.
I am taking a class at a local college to see if I still got it. Considering going back to school for another degree. I would like to teach speech classes in a high school. I'm doing that on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm slowly realizing that I have forgotten how much school sucks.
I learn a lot from the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. But, when those shows have ended, there isn't a test in a few days or weeks to determine my retention of the material! I may remember about 60% of the material two weeks from it's air date. Only 20-30% a month or two later. Very little will stay with me longer than that.
So, we had our first test last Monday. I looked at that paper and said "I know this! Why can't I remember it?! I lead a class discussion on it! Son of a -" "TIME. Pencils down."
I had a class again last night. (It being Monday and all.) What happened on the way up? My power steering went out. This has happened before. When I felt the steering wheel, I knew exactly what was up. The serpentine belt was out AGAIN! This isn't the first time this has happened. Click here to read the first half of the story of when it happened to me in the middle of nowhere.
Anytime it rains or snows heavily, the belt gets wet and slips off the pulleys. This is a design flaw in early 90's Chryslers. In the later 90's, Chrysler put grooves and teeth on this system and moved it up slightly higher in the engine to prevent this problem. But, not my car. The damn thing comes off 3-4 times a year.
And it always comes off as I'm heading TOO some place, not FROM. The dangerous part of the whole situation is that I'm not able to turn as quickly or accurately as I used to be able to. Plus, now the entire car is running off of the battery. It can give out completely at any time. (Maybe this whole issue is why there is a battery gauge in my car. Chrysler said "It's gonna happen, give 'em a fighting chance.")
So, I turned and went home. I wasn't going to risk going all the way to school and having the car die on me in the parking lot or further away from home than I was. When I finally got home, I was livid. Not because of the issue, but because every single slow-ass driver that the Greater Chicagoland Area could muster was in the lane in front of me. And should the light change to yellow while we are less than 10 feet from the intersection, they would slam on their breaks. With the wet conditions and a car on life-support, this was not a good combo for me. Oh, and it was only in the direction that I was going in too! (OF COURSE!!!)
PLUS, I had this class scheduled. This was on the calender. To have an entire night of doing nothing REALLY ticked me off. What did I do? I watched mindless tv last night. (Except for the hour that I watched "Hell's Kitchen." That show is AWESOME!)
Not only did my scheduled event for last night get ruined, my entire day today will revolve around me going to the mechanic to have the belt put back on AGAIN!
If you'll excuse me, I'm going to shower and go to the mechanic without putting on the radio or AC, for fear that I'm going to be even more pissed off before I have to close the restaurant tonight. Today is going to be GREAT!

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Christa Ditta Ditto

Do you know who Christa is?
Want to get to know her?
Click on the picture of her and me below (No, I'm not drunk. This was actually the beginning of the evening!) to read her inner most thoughts... that she doesn't mind sharing with the world on her blog.
(And expect a lot of EXTREAMLY creative crafts with remarkable pictures that would make Martha Stewart soil herself.)

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Air Pollution Origionates From Gore And Friends

This weekend on 7-7-7, Al Gore and friends put on some big concerts with big name acts. They did this to raise awareness of Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases. It all seemed very legit and concerning. After all was said and done, they probably all patted themselves on the back for a job well done.
What they failed to tell the general population was that Global Warming is a bunch of crap. The Chicago Sun Times (of all papers) printed an article yesterday that points out many of the falsehoods of Al Gore's stance on this issue. It offers many direct correlations to the claims that he has made in his (Oscar-winning) movie and why they are false. To read the article, I encourage you to click here.
First, Gore and friends make a big deal out of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, these are not that big of a deal. Over the last 100 years, the level of CO2 has increased by 25 percent. While the greenhouse effect has increased around one percent. Since the beginning of the industrial age, CO2 went from 280 parts per million (ppm) to 365 ppm. (Prehistoric CO2 levels changed 100 million years ago they weren't 365 ppm, but instead 3,000-5,000 ppm. Plant and animal life was VERY abundant.) The main increase of CO2 occurred before 1940. Humans put seven billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Nature does 200 billion tons in a year. Since then the increase in cars and global industry should have created a larger increase in the atmosphere's CO2. Instead, the results are not there. Where could it have gone? Several experts are suggesting that it is absorbed by plants for photosynthesis and the oceans. Dutch greenhouses, for example, routinely and deliberately triple their CO2 levels and crops respond with 20 to 40 percent yield increases. More than a thousand experiments with 475 crop plant varieties in 29 separate countries show that doubling the world's carbon dioxide would raise crop yields 52 percent. A raise in CO2 may be extremely beneficial for the global environment.
If there is a greenhouse effect, the main contributor would be water vapor. You do more damage to the environment boiling some hot dogs than you do driving your car.
Some feel that global warming may be a good thing. Between 900 ad and 1300 ad, the earth warmed by 4-7 degrees Fahrenheit. (We have increased global temperature roughly .5 degrees Celsius) This is almost exactly what the "computer models" are predicting for the 21st century. Written and oral history tells us that the warming created one of the most favorable periods in human history. Crops were plentiful, death rates diminished and trade and industry expanded while art and architecture flourished.
Food production soured because winters were milder and growing seasons were longer. There were less floods and droughts. Human death rates declined, partly because of the decrees in hunger and partly because people spent less time in damp, smoke-filled hovels that encourage the growth and spread of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.
Thus, we can cast aside the forecast that global warming will bring more drought and expanding deserts. Modest warming would help crops, not hinder them. There is virtually no place on Earth too hot or humid to grow rice, cassava, sweet potatoes or plantains.
Another thing that most people don't seem to piece together is that THE EARTH GOES THROUGH CYCLES. Everything has a cycle, the rotation of the earth, its revolution, the moon, EVERYTHING. We have had ice ages in the past. We've had incredible heat in the past. 150,000 years ago the earth was extremely warm. (MUCH more than what Gore and others are predicting for the next 100 years.) There we saw the greatest boom in plant and animal life.
Climate modelers and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predict that one of the consequences of global warming will be rising sea levels due to thermal expansion of ocean water mass and the melting of non-polar glaciers. They claim that the oceans already have risen 18 cm during the 20th century with an annual rate of 1.8 mm per year. They feel that the oceans will rise approximately a further 50 cm during the 21st century, an accelerated annual rate of 5 mm per year.
Sea levels have been rising at varying rates since before the end of the last ice age 11,000 years ago. Long before any man made global warming is claimed to have begun. Sea level rise over short periods is EXTREMELY difficult to determine, but it is believed that the rate of sea level rise has not increased over the past century when man made global warming is claimed to have occurred. If it has, it's rise is not of major proportion.
So, CO2 is no big deal. Global warming may actually be a good thing. The earth is going through a climate cycle and we have nothing to do with it. There is no solid evidence of the sea levels changing drastically.
So what? It is apparent that global warming is a bunch of crap. But, what difference does that make to us? It will very soon if scared politicians have their way.
The rhetoric spewed out from the liberal media and through the global efforts or Gore and friends has caused unnecessary panic. Thus, we hear about "carbon footprints" and how websites will take donations to plant trees to off-set your damage to the environment.
What do the politicians have in store for us? It will cost us all. Barack Obama is planning on having industry reduce it's greenhouse emissions. Sounds great, right? This over-haul of industry will create greater price for product and eventually trickle down to the average consumer. (Read more about Obama's environmental stance here.)
Hillary is a little more vague on the issue, but her website does say: "Hillary recognizes that global climate change is one of the most pressing moral issues of our time. She supports policies to reduce carbon emissions and other pollution that contribute to global warming." (Read more here.) She has a video on there that I am unable to listen to because I don't have speakers, but I'm imaging that it is great.
New Jersey's state legislature on Friday mandated that New Jersey reduce greenhouse gases by 16 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. The governor of NJ was quoted as saying "We want to send a message to Washington. Wake up, get with the program and start doing something about greenhouse gases," Corzine told reporters at Giants Stadium on the eve of former Vice President Al Gore's international Live Earth concerts." This according to an article that was released today. Soon business will leave that state. We will see the economic effects of this choice very shortly as well. (Read the article here.)
The republicans are falling for this too. The Bush administration is expected to have some environmental bills passed before President George W. Bush leaves office in 2009.
This may soon escalate into an increase on taxes on energy to prevent us from using it so much. You will be paying MORE for gas and electricity. You will be essentially FINED because of all the fear that is being unnecessarily stirred up in Washington.
So, let your congressman (or congresswoman) know that Al Gore is full of crap and you don't want to have to put up with his BS any more. You do not wish any more legislation on greenhouse gases or global warming. While it is important to respect the earth, it is irresponsible to go as far as the environmentalists are taking this. The only exhaust and emissions to be concerned about come from their mouths.

Research done from the following articles: (These articles were also quoted, for more information on where and how much, please contact the author of this blog)

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"The Effects Of Global Warming Will Be Beneficial" - by Dennis T. Avery
"Claims That Sea Levels Are Rising Are Unproven" - by John L. Daly

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To Happy Days.

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