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This is a collection of my thoughts. Some of the thoughts that I once had, I no longer do. Some thoughts I have now I have never had. Yet none shal be discounted. This blog is soley for the enjoyment of the author and the readers. On occasion the views expressed are overly exagerated in order to prove a point. Also there may be a dirty word or thought in some of the posts. Grow up and take this for what it's worth - a blog that barely anyone will ever see.



Think of the smartest person you know. Think of the most spiritual person you know. I know of someone who embodies both of these people. His name is Dennis Rich.
Dennis is so unbelievably smart that I don't understand what he is talking about. His research, to completely get it, would require me several years of schooling to understand in the least. This guy is working on incredible projects involving the atom.
He did work out here in Illinois. He worked out on the East Coast. He even went out to Germany for a time to progress his work. (He joined a country band out there!) He is in high demand due to his far superior intelligence.
Dennis has also found God. He has one of the most incredible personal relationships with Christ that I have ever had the opportunity to know. His words are like psalms. His thoughts, his prayers are worthy of another chapter in the bible.
I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Dennis. He is a person that I will never forget.
What I will never understand is why God would let him have cancer. I write this post with tears of great sorrow in my eyes. Dennis has moved home to hospice care and it isn't looking positive for his situation. We will soon lose an incredible person.
What he will leave behind is a great amount of connections with people. Not only did he connect with their personalities, but he connected with their hearts. The scientific community will be giving up an incredible mind. The Catholic community will be giving up a great spiritual person.
However, he did provide for us a blog that has been updated as recently as this St. Patrick's day. I pray this is not his last entry.
Should you wish to read the journal of a remarkable person, click the link below. I must warn you, that after one post - after one collection of comments, you may feel the incredible sorrow that I do.
Dennis, last year, joined me and several others at my home to watch Da Bears (His team) win against the Vikings in overtime. Hopefully he is able to do the same thing.
Dennis, may God be with you.


Today is gone. Tomorrow is full of hope... hopefully.

Tomorrow should be a great day. Why? Because some important events are occurring.
First, at 3:15pm CST I HOPE to be getting my cast removed. The doc will take off my current cast (Which will feel great. I will finally be able to get to that itch that has nagged me for the past two weeks!) to x-ray my arm to figure out if I need another cast, a brace or if I'm free to go.
I'm assuming that I will get a brace for a few weeks then begin therapy. I wonder just how much my arm has atrophied due to the cast being on for the past month. I'm thinking I have a pool cue for my left arm now. I guess that push ups will be out of the question for a while.
However, I think my arm is stronger than I give it credit for. I carried in groceries tonight using both arms just to see if any pain occurs. I came in with minimal pain. I was on the phone and had to make a left turn and had to use my left arm last night. Things occurred just fine. A month ago, pain would of surged through my arm as if I had been electrocuted.
So, based on my experiences things are developing quite nicely. I just hope that I don't have to shower with a Hefty Bag anymore.
Also tomorrow I am meeting up with Libby again. (I should have enough time to shower about 5.7 times to clean up the arm between getting the cast off and our date!) It will be two weeks since I have seen her. I'm not saying I missed her, but I look forward to seeing her again. Well, maybe I missed her a bit.
I see potential with this one and I think that taking things slowly will give us an important amount of time to get to know each other. Why not let things progress naturally. Everything will come in due time, right? Why rush it?
Whatever. We have tomorrow night and Sunday. I think she should really enjoy Sunday, but we will see. One day at a time. And tomorrow is a day that I look forward to.

Maybe? No. It's many "Yeses" from above.

I'm watching a show on the Science Channel about the potential for life outside of our solar system titled "Search For Second Earth." I wish I had written down the formula that predicted the likelihood of another planet like ours existing. (If memory serves me right, it is within the first few chapters of Michael Crighton's "Sphere.") Even if I did write it down, this blog would not be capable of me re-creating all the important squiggles.
They discuss a telescope that they are piecing together that will soon enter space and be free of the distortion of the Earth's atmosphere much like Hubble. It should launch sometime next year.
The excitement presented in this program rivaled that of mine with such films as "Contact," where-in Jodi Foster's character searches for intelligent extra terrestrial life while struggling with the existence of God. The movie is as much of a search for faith as it is other life. Some answers to the questions the film asks are left available only to the viewer to answer. I highly recommend it.
If the Earth was one percent away from or closer to the sun, life would probably not exist on it. It could potentially be void of water. Also, the tilt of the Earth is vital. The elliptical verses circular orbit is important. All of these factors made Earth the most ideal planet (known thus far) for housing life.
With all of these factors coming into existence all at the same point, how could someone in their right mind deny the existence of God? It just seems so evident that God was the one to first spin the Earth into it's perfect location.
Think about gravity. Newton had a lump on his head from an apple. He discovered it. We now take it for granted (until we drop something on our foot). We can measure it on our planet and other celestrial bodies. Yet, we don't know anything about it. Yup. The reason behind this important force is unknown. It's origins still, to this day, remain unknown. But, I'm pretty sure God knows.
My mind is still not made up on Evolution. Either it happened exactly as it did in the bible, or Intelligent Design occurred. I'm leaning a bit more to Intelligent Design. It seems that the middle of the road approach on this matter seems most reasonable. To have God decide when each species became another, I'm ok with that. At least up until someone says that we were chimps at one time. That one is a bit hard to swallow, being made in His image and all.
But, if at the pearly gates I'm asked what my thoughts are, the world in 6 days (God slept past noon on the 7th.) is the response I'm going with.
Even if someone believed in evolution, the amount of maybes that had to become yeses for us to be where we are today are HUGE! To go from nothing to our incredible capabilities today, well that sounds more like a God thing than a maybe.
Granted, 4.6 billion years have passed. We have been around for such a small fraction of this time. Maybe all of the past was building up to where we are today. The reason I think we are done is Jesus. While He was both God and Man 100%, he came to us during this point in our possible evolution. I'm pretty sure we are done. I highly doubt an extra set of arms of a greater mental capacity is coming right around the corner.
Essentially look around. Look at the diversity of life. Where we are today is amazing. The amount of variables that produced what we accept each day, without thinking twice about it, is astonishing. Is it chance? That is highly unlikely. It is evidence that God has given us another day to thank Him.


I don't know. I have NO idea.

I'm not sure. I haven't made up my mind. I don't know what is going on, but I like it.
At least I think I do. I don't know. At the very least, I'm confused and enjoying every minute of it.
I think I like Libby. There is something about her. So far, she has met my requirements, yet I don't know what I think. More importantly I don't know what I think.
Wait. I don't think I like her. I do. And I'm ok with that. So far, she has fit what I'm looking for. I like her. Great. I like her. Yet, today I think we may have had our first fight.
Well, kinda.
It was via text. I don't know if it counts if it is over text or if it is the way it happened.
We have had our disagreements on social, moral and political views. (She hasn't read this blog yet, so she hasn't seen the light when it comes to political truth. Once she does, all of these issues will vanish like a pat of butter in a frying pan. I'm sure of this.) She voted and worked the call center for Obama. The pain this information has caused me is outweighed by my admiration in her beliefs. Someone who is committed to a cause, someone who has a conviction, understanding of current events and/or is able to express themselves in a rational manner - well, that's sexy to me. Strange to come from me? I know. But, I do find it very sexy.
When it comes to how I feel about her, I officially don't know. I'm a guy. I'm not in touch with my feelings much. (I dare you to find a blog where this is contridicted. Ten points if you do!) It is not a requirement. I think that I will know the next time I see her. It has been more than a week, actually two weeks, if I'm not mistaken, since I have seen her. (She has gone on vacation for a week to CA for Spring Break.) I hope that with the next time I see her something concrete is formed.
To my knowledge, she has no idea of this blog. This is why I feel so free to write about her. Perhaps one day, in the far future, she will know of it's existence. Then she will know of my thoughts during our early days.
But, back to the original purpose of this post...
I am confused, yet see incredible potential. I admit, I have felt this in the past, yet I feel this more-so than others in the past. Which? Both. Yet, none of the above and all of one. I don't know. Yet, I hope I do.
This Wednesday was going to be an important day. She was going to get off of work, stop by my home and I was going to cook for her. The dinner was going to be great. Candles, flowers and everything. What I had hoped for would be most girl's dream, right? However, that was put on hold today.
She let me know that she was working late that day and would have to leave early that evening due to her unGodly wake-up each day for work. (She gets up at 5am. I go to bed at this time. See the contriversay in this?) This would of limited our time together to roughly an hour and a half total time together. This is just barely enough time to appreciate a great Zucker film.
In order to accommodate for the loss of time, she recommended a wine bar halfway between her work and my home. This would eliminate any of my previous plans. It also would make her the sole control of the date. If you know me, I like to be in control. I'm a Leo. That's where we feel most comfortable.
She is a wine and theater kind of girl. I'm a beer and football kind of guy. We lack similarity in that respect and thus far we have experienced her world. I really wanted her to experience mine. However, each place we have been has had to do with wine. Mind you, she lived quite a while in California's wine country. Yet, I am done with wine. It ain't my bag. Get me a 7/7 or a Miller Light and a shot of Jameson. I desire a place that sells pizza and domestic cheep-ass beer by the plastic pitcher. (If she only knew of my main hang-out in Bolingbrook where a fight breaks out at least once a night and Drew Peterson visits on a nearly weekly basis! And, no, I will not go into anything else!)
So, I eventually went with her suggestion. I figure while giving in to this small aspect of our very new relationship, I will increase the potential of it's growth. It is either go to this wine bar or not see her. I would rather see her, despite giving up anything that I would of planned. Plus, from what I can tell, she seems extreamly excited to see me as well.
I enjoy talking with her. I enjoy being around her. I enjoy her. I guess, in some regard, in giving up what I had planned, I am winning. At least that's what I'm telling myself tonight in order to sleep better as a man.
Was this a fight? Was this an argument? I don't think so. If it was, I lost. I think. I don't know. It's not like I'm mad. I guess if I were, it would have been a fight. Had there been any emotional involvement, then perhaps it would have been a fight. Instead it is just a change of venue. I'm definently making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be. I'm aware of this. But, I thought I would share these thoughts with you anyway.
Whatever. I think I may have given up the upper-hand. Maybe she has no more respect for me. Perhaps she sees me as less of a man because I agreed to such terms. But, her reasoning was that if we met closer to her work we could spend more time together. Which sounds like a common goal for both of us. It is so logically sound. (Plus, I'm possitive that she is crazy about me! Can ya blame her?)
Now to find some common political ground! That would be awesome!
She told me that this Sunday she was free and perhaps we could do what I had planned for Wed on that day. What she doesn't realize is that things have completely changed. She will no longer be getting the home-cooked meal that I had planned on making her. Instead that will come much later in our relationship. This Sunday will be all about me. More details later.
I will let you know how Wednesday and Sunday went soon. Keep tuned, friends. Oh, and any thoughs, oppinions, advice or anything of the nature will be appreciated. Should you feel the need to be incredably honest, I encourage comments even more. Should you wish to hide your thoughts, e-mails on MySpace and Hotmail will be read. Should you not know these addresses, let me know and they shall be yours. I thank you. Wish me luck. It is WAY past my bedtime. And even more past Libby's.



I am so psyched. It is FINALLY feeling like Spring. I almost put the top down on my Le Barron today. Almost. But, I still had papers from my students in the backseat and I'm sure they would want their Mid-Terms back.
But, recently I heard my first birds chirping. I know that in about a week I will find it annoying again, but now, I welcome the change that shatters the silence of freezing cold winter.
Most people look for the first robin of spring. However, I lucked out. My first bird was a Cardinal. I'm assuming that is a sign that Spring will rock. I did see a robin today. I know, thanks to my Irish mother, that it is only good luck if the robin faces you. That bastard didn't, but the cardinal did. So, I think that means that I will have awesome luck this year and the robins can go to hell.
I also saw kids riding bikes today. That is something I haven't seen in years. Kids on bikes. I didn't think that this occurred since the advent of X-Box. They were racing each other and threatening to hit siblings just as I once did. How awesome. I remember going to a friend's house and would ask them "Wanna ride bikes?" This was an activity on our block that lasted for an entire evening. Just going in circles around the block... for HOURS! It was great. We not only rode our bikes, we played football, basketball, had our G.I. Joes dig in the dirt and played games like Mother May I and Red Light, Green Light.
On Summer break, my sister and I would wake up at an un-Godly 7am. We would watch cartoons for about an hour, get breakfast and then my mom would look out the window. If it was sunny, or not raining TOO hard, we were shoved out the door. "Come back when you are hungry for lunch." It was a quick lunch then told not to come back until we saw our father come home and we knew that dinner would be served. Then it was out again until the street lights came on. Then we would hear the call from our mom. No mater where we were in the neighborhood, we could hear our names called from the front stoop.
We reluctantly said good-bye to our neighborhood friends and headed for home. We were in bed and asleep by ten to do it all over again the next day.
Why doesn't this happen anymore? It's kind of sad. I don't even know who majority of my neighbors are. Oh, well. Perhaps during the next power outage when all the X-Boxes lose power we will meet up as they call their kids in for dinner.
I'm happy for Spring. So many things are in place and I thank God for His blessings. I enjoy my work. I have met Libby, who is great to hang out with and I look forward to meeting more. I am meeting up with friends. I am financially secure. And The Office returns on April 10th. Spring rules. Don't F this up for me, Tom Skilling!

How I Roll


"Legend"ary Dewy Juno Is A National Treasure

I probably should have wrote about this earlier, but I saw "I Am Legend," "National Treasure 2," "Dewy Cox" and "Juno" in the theaters. I was going to write a review to let you know if you should see it in the theater or not, but due to timing, it will be whether or not you should rent it.
"I Am Legend" and "National Treasure 2" are great movies, as long as you don't like huge gaping plot holes. If you think about either of these movies after you see them, your anger will grow. In National Treasure, in order to prove one of his ancestors wasn't involved in a plot to kill Lincoln, Nicholas Cage's character had to find a City of Gold. How these two are linked? They aren't and if you think about it too long, blood will start pouring from your nose.
The same thing with "I Am Legend." Will Smith is the last man on Earth and is running from these zombie-like charecters that fear sunlight and solid plot lines. There are so many aspects of that movie that are left out, not explained or just flat-out stupid that you will leave asking questions that begin with "What if..." "But, what about..." and "Why did I spend money on that?"
Dewy Cox had Jenna from The Office in it. Plus famed Chicago actor John C. Riely. Surely this will be good. Much like in "Good Luck Chuck" I kept telling myself, surely any minute the funny stuff will happen. Wait for it... wait for it... wait for-the credits? There wasn't anything redeeming about that? Jenna is awesome on The Office (Which returns to NBC on April 3rd) but, every movie choice that she has made has sucked more than Dwight using the tea pot to clear his sinuses.
Avoid all of these movies like a date who has a cold sore.
The only good one is "Juno." While there is some credit to the complaint that not a great deal is done with the suffering a mother may have after she gives the child up for adoption, I thought this film was great. It was real and humorous. If I'm not mistaken, the same people who wrote 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up had something to do with this one. It kind of has that feel, but isn't as funny. This is more of a well-crafted dramady.
I have heard one complaint recently about it, where they say that the main character's taste in music and way of talking is more mid-90's and that should have been the time period it was set in. While I can see a point here, I felt the timing was fine.
I would write a little about the movies that are currently out, but they all suck. Horton comes out tomorrow and Leatherheads on April 4th. More when I see those two. Maybe I'll take my God son to Horton. That would be a good day. Instead of wishing you farewell from the balcony, I shall do it from the armchair this time.

Random Thoughts

We have never seen anything. We have seen light reflect off of stuff, but never really seen something. What if colors are just an illusion from the way that light bounces off of things? Maybe everything is purple. Probably not.
There was a commercial for Net-Zero on TV. Are there people still using dial-up? They are probably of the same cloth as those who were still using rotary dial through to the 90's. I still will hear the recorded message that says (Press one for English, Two for Spanish, and three for Guatemalan. If you are calling from a rotary phone, please hold the line for the operator.)
I had a big day yesterday. First a meeting at school, then got my cast off... for about fifteen minutes. (I scratched the hell out of my arm. It felt great!) then they put another one on for the next two weeks. Then it was downtown to meet with Libby for dinner and a play. If you have a chance to see Othello at Navy Pier, go. It was a great production. Let me know if you see it. We will compare notes.
Obama scares me. He is a great speaker and uses emotion to get his point across. It is almost as if he can make people do things they don't want to do like Bill Clinton, a cheap bar hypnotist or Jim Jones. He is like a televangelist. Some have even commented on his messianic qualities. But, it all makes since, you have to go on emotion and hope when you don't have any experience or proof to back you up. If the Dems are smart (Which is a loaded statement there!) they will select Hillary, who, with her 8 years of within the White House experience and her work in the senate, is WAY more qualified. But, if I were a betting man, Obama is going to get the nod.
Not that it matters for me. McCain is my guy. As long as he isn't "person ten."


Essays, Banana Bread and Twix

Yesterday I went out with a girl named "Elizabeth." She actually has a nickname of "Libby." I'm ok with this, because my sister's name is Elizabeth, so that would just be weird.
We met at an Italian restaurant for a glass of wine. It was going to be a brewery that I know of, but she isn't much of a beer drinker. I had just come from the school I teach at. I had set aside a day to let my students take make-up quizzes. I threatened to give her a quiz as well. I let her know that it wasn't going to be scan-tron, so a number two pencil would not be necessary.
I had a half hour before our date, so I wrote up an essay quiz for her to take. It was all the standard first-date questions. "Favorite movie, Pet peeves, Most attractive aspect(s) of John (Attach another piece of paper if necessary.)"
She let me know, via the quiz that she was a fan of peanut butter twix. I told her that while I enjoy chocolate and peanut butter, I felt it was unnatural to put them together. She also let me know a lot more about her, her family, where she had been, where she is now and, well we talked so much that one glass of wine didn't last us. We closed down the restaurant.
We had so much fun, that we broke a cardinal date first rule - we met up again the following day. We decided to get dinner at a different Italian restaurant. I decided to get her a small present on the way in. Apparently she thought the same thing.
She brought some home-made banana bread to help my arm heal. I let her know that I denied my principals and bought her some peanut butter twix. I found it great that we both brought small gifts.
We talked over appetizers, pasta, desert and long after. She found out that I had Wed. off of work so I could possibly get my cast removed if I'm better. She said it was a sign. She had a ticket for me to Othello that night. It looks like we will be enjoying Shakespeare on Wednesday.
A while back I made a list of what I'm looking for in a woman. Catholic, funny, finds me funny, easy to talk to, attractive, determined and strong in her beliefs. So far, Libby has gotten a check mark in each category. So, I'm taking this one sloooooooooow. And while I'm doing so, I'm really enjoying myself.


My Boss Is A Jewish Carpenter

Jesus was a carpenter before He spread his message to the world. So, surely there are some chairs and spice racks that he put together in His early years that lasted a while. Then everyone realized His true mission in life, yet they still had dinner parties.
"This dinette set - made by The Savior."
"Yup. The King of The Jews."
"I did notice the incredible craftsmanship. Pass the Cool Whip."



I think it has been a while since I've updated you on me. Yeah, you have received valuable NFL predictions. You have seen my opinions, but not much on me. And since my name is on this blog, I feel like I have a right, nay - an obligation to do so. Plus, I will not feel guilty or boastful from doing so. Ok, maybe a little due to my Catholic upbringing. But, with that factor, there is guilt in every aspect of life.
First, the good news. I am alive to write this blog. Each day is a blessing and I am extremely grateful for it. In fact, today I just beat my previous record for consecutive days stayed alive! I should host a party, yet it is too late to call people.
I am happier today than I was yesterday. (Not technically yesterday, but you know what I mean!) In life, joy is key. True joy, mind you. Joy founded in life in general and The Light.
I have a degree in radio. That doesn't mean much to the professional world. If I could do it all over, I would have partied at EIU while getting a degree in teaching. However, I have to deal with what I have. So, I prayed for an opportunity. I thought this would come in the world of radio. Instead, it came in the world of teaching.
I now have a job as a college teacher and am loving every minute of teaching. I teach radio. Who knew this would be where I would end up at this point in my life? Not I. The only thing that I don't care for is the grading. Mid-Terms are coming up and I'm not looking forward to grading. It would be great to just teach without having to grade the students. However, with everything come positives and negatives. Luckily, the positives outweigh the negatives.
It is thanks to teaching that I am now living comfortable. Money is not that much of an issue anymore. Thank God. Literally. I prayed for an answer and God provided. It was up to me to realize this and take advantage of it. God will provide opportunity, it is up to us to do the footwork to make it a reality.
This financial security has always been somewhat of a mental hindrance for me. I have always thought, once I'm comfortable, then I can proceed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not buying a mansion soon, but I'm comfortable. Now, I can focus on the other aspects of my life. Mainly, someone to share my life with.
My sister is getting married this year. I am so VERY happy for her. Her wedding will undoubtedly mark the best day of the year for me. While I will miss her last name, I welcome her husband with incredible joy.
It is her finding of the perfect guy that caused me to think about who the perfect girl for me might be. I realized that what matters most is who she is. (Sounds silly, but follow me on this one!) I made a list that included sarcasm, humor, Catholic, looks and finds me funny. None of these are more important than the other. But, one thing I found interesting on my list was Catholic. I realized that my faith was important and that it was something that I wasn't willing to compromise. I told my other sister "You were born an Irish Catholic Bears fan. That will never change." She realized the importance of this and followed Da Bears these past two seasons. All the while, going to church and respecting St. Patrick's Day.
So, long story short, an old friend named Laura told me of Catholic I had never heard of this and thought, I don't want to meet up with anyone that hangs out in the bar that I do. I don't want to meet anyone at the places I work at. And meeting someone at church is difficult. "Don't worry about it, honey. I'll put her donation in the plate." It is tough!
I decided that I would give it a shot. It was only $12 to join for the month. I had a date with a girl named Laura. We went to mass (makes sense, right? See if she knows all the words or if she got Catholic mixed up with J-Date by accident) and then went for ice cream and walked along the river for a bit. We talked on a bench and she just didn't understand me. My sense of humor didn't jive with her and I realized that this wasn't the one.
I have been told to let women down easy. I used to say "Talk to you soon" or "See you later" at the end of dates. I was told that they expect to actually see me later if I say that. Then after waiting for weeks by the phone for my call, they get upset when I don't call for another date. I didn't know. So, I now leave bad dates with "Thanks for today/tonight. I had fun. Best of luck to you." What they may realize later is that the luck I wish them is with someone else. But, at least I didn't lead them on again.
Today I have been talking with a girl named Libby. (Elizabeth is her full name) We have been talking via text for a month now. Our schedules have never had the opportunity to meet. That is until this Friday. After talking for a month, we will finally meet. This may be a do or die situation, but we have made a considerable connection over conversation thus far, or at least as far as I can tell. I'm excited, because she has kept up with me intellectually, she's Catholic and I have seen many pictures of her to validate her physical aspects.
She is (as of this weekend) 30, so she is older than me, but I think that works in my favor. Her goals, aspirations and objectives in life should relate to me a whole lot more than someone in their early 20's or something.
While I may have put a little stock into this potential relationship, I feel confident that this may be something more special than what I have experienced before. Plus, her being Catholic will eliminate so many roadblocks that I would have had to deal with had she been some other religion or no religion at all.
Should things go well over a few beers on Friday, we will go to the Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday. This will offer us an opportunity to discuss the exhibits, should the conversation lull. A small two or three beers on Friday is nothing for me. Using the material that I have already revealed on this site, I should be able to keep any conversation going on Friday for at least an hour or two.
Being interesting is the main concerns on either side of the table. While this may be somewhat of a job interview for me, it is for her too. If a woman doesn't find me funny, then I don't think that I can be with her. If that connection isn't made, then the true aspect of me is not reached and that is the main point of finding someone to be with. Let alone "the one" or something great like that.
Should I find someone worthy of being "the one," I don't think that I would consider anything like a ring for at least two years. No matter how many trips to Jarred she would take me to. (Look that up if you are an out-of-town reader.)
But, long story short, (I guess I should have said that earlier) she's Catholic and has an interesting personality. She has a few get-out-of-jail-free cards stored up that will help her in our potential relationship. More on this after it occurs.
Now, on to the bad news. Typing this to you is a pain. Not in the sense that I don't want to do it, but that I'm in physical pain. The reason being that I broke my left arm. Yup. The radius.
I was dog-sitting for friends of mine when I took the dog for a walk in between shifts at my waiter job. The dog decided that he wanted to go faster than I thought he wanted to go and pulled my legs out from under me. While I held onto his leash with my right hand, my left hand caught my fall while smushing my radius. Just below the wrist my radius bows out in all directions. A crack formed from the right and headed up the center of the bone to the cartilage between the bone and the wrist.
The doctor feared that there may be a bone that is hanging out free knocking against other bones and there may have been damage to the cartilage causing necessary reconstructive surgery. Luckily this was not the case and I will only be in a cast for roughly a month.
But, this scenario has provided for me an opportunity to appreciate what I once had in mobility of two functioning arms. I thank God for this humility that He has offered me. Plus, it gets me out of a lot of useless work at the national chain restaurant that I work for.
Wow, this is a long post. I will save other stuff for later. Just know that I am happier today than I was yesterday and that I really look forward to tomorrow. For, nothing but great things do I expect.